7 Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborns

Whether you are a seasoned parenting pro or ‘just-entered-parenthood’ dad, it is a must to bond with your newborn. Don’t wait for the baby to grow older to develop the special bond with you. It starts right after you welcome the little bundle of joy. Become a supportive partner and take some of the draining responsibilities away from your wife.

Your partner needs time to recover and heal after childbirth. If she is breastfeeding, the responsibilities of taking care of the baby lies a lot on her. But there are many ways a dad can get involved and bond with the baby.


7 Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborns

1. Walk Your Baby

Little babies love fresh air, take your baby out for a stroll. Outdoor time is important for your baby. It may not be to any fancy place, just a stroll around your block would make your baby happy. They will enjoy taking in new sights and sounds outdoors have to offer. Be sure to take your baby in a stroller which faces toward you, that way you can keep an eye all through the walk. Make sure you dress the baby properly – bundle up if it’s too cold or light breathable material if it’s too hot.

2. Soothe The Tears

Try your hands at soothing her tears. Pick her up, sing, walk her around, gently rock, or find the closest pacifier. This will make the baby understand that it is not always the mom who gives what she wants. Soothing the baby while they are in tears is a great way to bond.


3. Diaper Duties

It is a great time to bond with your baby. Sure, there’s a lot of smell to handle but you could make silly faces, tickle her toes, and talk to her while changing. The ‘icky-factor’ wouldn’t be difficult to take when you become an expert very soon in changing diapers while your baby wriggles and squirms.

4. Take Over Night Shifts

Take our word on this, when you give your partner off from her night shift, she is going to appreciate you more. Sure, there’s always enough time for you as a dad to take time off from work and spend time with your baby, but nothing like sharing responsibilities. Night shifts aren’t just for moms; share the burden and get to bond with your baby while you can earn brownie points as well.


5. Reading Time

Although reading to your newborn might sound silly, it is good to get into the routine of reading books. They will recognize the voice very soon and find comfort in it. You can soothe your baby easily when in tears. Holding them close while you read, sing or dance makes bonding easier. This routine can last up to toddler years.

6. Baby Carrier

Sure you have seen your partner how she handles it all well while wearing the baby carrier and managing her chores. You can wear it too! Walk around wearing the baby carrier and get things done. Give your little one time to feel close and bond.


7. Hold Baby Closer

Take the time to hold and cradle your baby close. It gives you a good chance to bond with your baby when you bottle feed her. Make it a routine and show your support. Especially, if you are out for long during the day and don’t get enough time to spend with your baby.

Of course, there are other ways as well for dads to bond with their babies. Make time to sing and just talk, give a good massage to your baby, and have daddy dance parties. Don’t get too stressed to make bonding time. Focus on your little one and show how much you care. Stop worrying if you are not getting the hang of bonding with your baby naturally. With all the love and support you shower on the baby, you will eventually get there!