4 Ways To Advance Steadily Toward Your Goals

4 Ways To Steadily Advance Towards Your Goals
4 Ways To Steadily Advance Towards Your Goals

The new year has arrived! It’s time to launch dashing goals and make the decision to pursue deferred dreams. Now is the time to set up a plan to tackle the big things that matter to you. Make sure you organize a steady, realistic plan structured with habits that will naturally align you to live your goals or you’ll stumble into October and wonder who misplaced your year.

It’s okay to focus more like a tortoise than a hare right now. After all, ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’


Here are four ways to advance steadily towards having the year you truly desire.

1. Breathe In Your Goals As Visions

I’m sure you have set at least 4 goals to hit that 2016 home run, but I suggest you set 5.


Every 6 months, set a goal that addresses your 5 branches of being. Set one goal for each branch.

  1. Your personal growth
  2. Health
  3. Money flow
  4. Relationships with others
  5. Spirituality and charity

These branches represent your full development. To stop feeling overwhelmed, set only one specific, empowering goal for each. Once you specify each goal, visualize yourself having, doing and being the fulfillment of the goal. Get the feeling of your goal realized right now. When your visions become feelings, your brain will assist you in becoming the person you need to be to live the goal in real life.


Set 5 goals as visions now. Review and reflect, before you set 5 more in the summer.

2. Write 2 Action Steps To Get You Moving

If you envision a low credit card balance, set up an automatic deduction from your checking account today! If you envision losing 10 pounds, find a gym and a trainer this week.

  • Write your action steps so you can see them! Get them out of your head.
  • Post them where you can look at them every day.
  • The biggest hurdle with action steps is finding the time to fit those steps into your schedule of must-dos.

3. Set Up Rituals Around Your Goals And Live Them

Great accomplishment does not come by being random. And you know this because you are a superstar parent, sister, friend and a superstar at work. And you are so good at these things because you plan and organize them without exception, mostly because you have to. Our goals sometimes seem extraneous amongst other responsibilities. We might not prioritize our goals with the same seriousness we give our family and work obligations. But understand that your “goals” emerged from your soul’s matrix of desire. They are spiritual sustenance and assist your soul’s evolution.

And when you achieve them, they will undoubtedly enhance other areas and people in your life. Your goals are valuable.

  • Set up rituals to enact your goals with dedication.
  • Set a ritual to attend a 75-minute gym session 3 times a week to increase your bone density.
  • Schedule the 15-minute salt-bath soak and meditation every Wednesday and Friday to reduce stress and inflammation in your body.
  • Schedule “girl-time” every third Saturday to improve your relationships with your best pals.
  • Without Exception! Schedule specific actions that help you live your goals with dedication.

4. Be Still. Be Grateful.

Right now, sit still and say thank you. Thank the Great Spirit or the Universe or the Silence for last year’s treasures and teachings. Recall them in your mind and give thanks. And if last year wasn’t good, then reflect on what you learned about yourself, your courage and your confidence. All that has happened and will happen prepares you to realize the visions in your soul’s matrix.

  • Your goals are your gifts.
  • Don’t linger in a state of wishing and forgetting to open your presence to the growth that calls to your soul.
  • Write, visualize and move steadily towards becoming who you are meant to be.

I hope you have a Happy FABULOUS YEAR!