Here Are the Most Fact-Based Reasons Why Water Helps Weight Loss

Water Will Help You With Weight Loss - Here Are the Most Current Fact-Based Reasons Why
Water Will Help You With Weight Loss - Here Are the Most Current Fact-Based Reasons Why

Gaining weight is easy..taking it off is another matter.  There are certain action steps that we can take in our daily lives to help us achieve weight loss or any goal.  Assuming the goal is weight loss, drinking water each day is one action step towards that goal.  The trick is to be consistent and and follow-through.

How Does Water Help Promote Weight Loss?

The role water plays in weight loss is very important and here’s why: The kidneys require water to function properly and to expel toxins from the body.  When there is a lack of fluid (water), the kidneys can’t perform well and it needs the assistance of the liver.  The liver then, has the added burden of detoxing the body when it should be metabolizing fat stores.  This means that the liver is not metabolizing the fat in your body like it should be, thus, fat stores remain in the body and weight loss ceases.

What is the Most Recent Research?

There is abundant research showing water’s effect on fat metabolism in the body.  One such study (International Journal of Obesity,

2009) looked at whether weight loss was seen with the use of an ACE-Inhibitor – an ACE-Inhibitor reduces blood pressure.  They noted that rats given the ACE-Inhibitor in the study had lost fat despite eating the same amount.  The reason for this, they concluded, is that the rats treated with the ACE-Inhibitor drug drank twice as much water as untreated rats. Hydrated cells allow for better fat metabolism.  Dehydrated cells reduce their ability to take-up glucose. This inability to utilize glucose slows down our metabolism and energy allowing for weight gain.

Two recent studies (Boschmann M,, Steiniger J, 2003) using humans showed that when blood is diluted through water intake, the breakdown of fat (Lipolysis) in the body is promoted.  This further supports the notion that water, indeed, is a useful fat loss tool.

Dr. Michael Boschmann found that by drinking 500 ml of water, increased metabolic rate by 30% in both men and women.  The increase was observed 10 minutes after the consumption of water and the metabolic increase was sustained for over an hour!  They attributed this to the increased

metabolic action of room temperature water warming-up to body temperature.  Additionally,  the large amount of water that dilutes the blood, promotes the release of adrenalin and norepinephrine to handle this demand. This metabolic process increases heat production and thus, burns calories.

Water Suppresses Your Appetite

Water acts as an appetite suppressant which helps prevent overeating, thus promoting weight reduction.  People who do not include water as part of their fat loss arsenal, are much hungrier because the brain has trouble differentiating between hunger and thirst.  This is why we tend to think we are hungry when in actuality, we are thirsty.

It is true that there is no one action that will promote fat loss, it is a combined strategy of consuming fewer calories, exercise, adequate sleep and hydration.  Remember to stay fully hydrated throughout the day with a minimum intake of 8 eight oz. glasses of water each day.