8 Warning Signs That Indicate A Medical Emergency

Our body is a versatile machine that’s designed to relay certain signals of alarm and distress when it needs help. There are hundreds of pathological conditions that can affect the human body not all of them are life-threatening though. If a particular disease or trauma is more than what the body can handle, we should have no second thoughts about seeking emergency medical help. Here are 7 signs you should be aware of.

1. Severe Headache

signs of a brain aneurysm or hemorrhage


Headaches are pretty common in anybody life. Most of them are due to stress-related vasoconstriction and some due to tension in the muscles attached to the skull. However, a dangerous condition called subarachnoid hemorrhage which is bleeding around the brain is associated with a sudden, crippling kind of a headache. It will be accompanied by light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, neck pain or seizures too.

If you also feel very feverish with severe neck pain and rashes, it could be due to meningitis. In case any of these signs arise, rush to ER immediately.


2. Stomach Ache

pain in the left side of the stomach in appendicitis

Stomach pain in specific regions in the abdomen can indicate several conditions. If your pain is rising and excruciating in the left lower part of the stomach can indicate an inflamed appendix. If you are experiencing severe pain in the lower right part it could be because your gallbladder is either infected or blocked.


Abdominal pain associated with chills, high temperature, and diarrhea demand emergency medical attention.

3. Chest Pain

angina with breathlessness in heart attack


Chest pain that feels suffocating and tightening along with shortness of breath and sweating are the usual warning signs of a heart attack. Women may experience pain in the lower jaw also. The pain in many cases radiates to the left arm and shoulder too.

Rush to ER immediately and if you have a nitroglycerin tablet or patch use it immediately.1


4. Infection

severe infection with fever and pus discharge

Infectious organisms can unleash their attack on your body anytime anywhere. The classic symptoms of an uncontrolled infection are a generalized weakness, high temperature, confusion, nausea, and vomiting. Sometimes an infection from a wound can or a tooth can spread to the neighboring tissues. This will present as a localized swelling and will have pus discharge too.


Seek expert medical attention from the ER immediately. Antibiotics will be administered in most cases to overcome the infection.

5. Appearance Of Blood In Urine, Stools, Or Sputum

blood in urine, stool, sputum


Blood should ideally stay within except during menstruation. Unfortunately, if you see your urine appearing pink or blood in stools, it’s high time you rush to the ER. Blood in urine is seen in severe urinary tract infection or kidney stones. Blood appears in stools if you are suffering from anal fissure, ulcers or infections. Coughing up blood can happen in severe pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, hookworm infestation.

6. Trauma

first aid needs to be given for injuries

Accidents are inevitable and unpredictable. Nonetheless, if you’ve suffered an injury make sure there’s a wound or not. If the wound is deep with a lot of blood gushing out, then apply pressure with a clean cloth and rush to the ER. In case you had a fall, check if you can help yourself get up, if not most likely you have had a fracture. Always apply first aid and seek medical attention in the case of trauma.

7. Fever

high fever is a medical emergency

Fever that fluctuates or is more than 102 degrees Fahrenheit in kids and 103 degrees Fahrenheit in adults need medical attention. If the fever is accompanied by frequent diarrhea and vomiting then it’s most likely to be an infection. Keep yourself hydrated and go to the emergency room.

8. Sudden Immobility

warning signs of a stroke

Rapid drooping fo the facial muscles, legs or one side of the body are warning signs of a stroke. Make sure to hold on to something to avoid a fall especially if you feel your head is spinning. You have to be taken to the emergency room in no time as any delay could be dangerous.

Any symptom you can’t manage due to the severity means you should make no second guess about going to the emergency room. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.2