10 Signs You Are Stressed Out And 5 De-Stressing Tips

Stress is the silent partner in your day that makes you feel upset, frustrated, annoyed, and tired all at the same time. To be blunt, stress is not a good thing.

It eats away at your emotions and just makes your life not so great temporarily. Your body is sending you these signals because something is simply not right.


10 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re Feeling The Heat

Depending on the person, these warning signs may show up quickly or they may take a while. You may not even know that you’re stressed out, but just in case, here are 10 warning signs you are stressed.

1. Upset Stomach

One sign that you are stressed out if that you have an upset stomach. Maybe it feels like your stomach is in your throat or you just feel incredibly anxious.


2.  Lack Of Focus

Having the inability to focus is a warning sign that you are stressed. No matter what you try to do, you can’t seem to focus on the task at hand.

3. Insomnia

Sometimes stress can cause you to lose a lot of sleep. You may toss and turn or have trouble falling to sleep altogether.


4. You’re Mad

If you can’t figure out why you are mad all of the time, it could be because you are stressed and this is your bodies way of dealing with it.

5. Rapid Heartbeat

While you may not feel it all of the time, a rapid heartbeat is one way your body may be dealing with stress.


6. You Are Overeating

Some people overeat a lot whenever they are stressed. They go for whatever food they can. Your body isn’t designed for eating large amounts of food at one time, so this type of stress “reliever” can be incredibly hard on you.

7. You Forget Important Stuff

When your mind starts feeling overloaded and you start forgetting stuff, this may be a sign that you are stressed out. The mind can only handle so much and short term memory loss is a warning sign that you may be stressed out.


8. Too Tired To Keep Going

The body has its own way of dealing with things and one way is that it just starts shutting down. Your body gets exhausted and you experience major fatigue. This is an extreme warning sign that you are stressed out and need to do something about the stress in your life. Now!

9. Migraines Or Minor Headaches

Stress headaches look different for everyone, but if you can’t explain why you are having them, perhaps it is because you are too stressed out.


10. Anger

Another warning sign that you are stressed out is anger. Anger is also something that looks different for everyone, however, it’s not a good thing to keep around for an extended period of time.

Finding Relief

Once you start to recognize that you are stressed out, you will want to figure out some ways to help you deal with stress. Remember that stress isn’t good for your mind or body, so finding a stress reliever is a good thing! Here are some ideas:


Cut Back

One way to relieve stress is to cut back! Maybe you are doing way too much and need to cut back on what you are doing.


Another fabulous way to stop being so stressed out is to exercise. Your body needs a way to release all of that frustration.

Talk To Someone

Maybe you just need someone to talk to, to help relieve some of your stress.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthier can take some pressure off your already stressed out body.

Find A Healthy Outlet

Everyone deals with stress differently, instead of finding a bad way to deal with it, find a healthy way!

Listen to your body and start taking care of business! What are some ways your body lets you know you are stressed out? Everyone is different, so the warning signs may look different for you.