Want A Healthier And Happier Child? Start With A Hug!

A big warm hug – can anyone in this world say no to it? Never. Hugging, caressing, and cuddling by our loved ones make us feel good. But, besides feeling loved, there are other benefits of hugs. Every single hug you give your bundle of love sets a strong foundation for a healthy and happy child. The mental and emotional well-being of your kid can be improved by your snuggles and cuddles. Want to know more?

1. Hugs Make Your Kid Smile

Hugs Make Your Kid Smile

Do you know the “happy hormone” in your body? Oxytocin is the cuddle hormone or love hormone that is released from your pituitary gland. A warm hug with your baby will help release this hormone, bringing smiles on your little one’s face. The feeling of comfort and bonding that comes with a hug makes your kid happier.

2. Hugs Help You Raise A Stress-Free Kid

Hugs Help You A Raise Stress-Free Kid

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After a tiring day, if someone gives you a hug you feel better. It works the same way for your kid. When she/he has a bad day or a tough time at play, greet him/her with a hug. All the tiredness goes away with that. And science supports this fact too. As hugs trigger the release of more oxytocin, there will be a decrease in the levels of stress hormones, especially cortisol. This will make them immune to stress.

3. Hugs Boost Your Kid’s Immune System

Hugs Boost Your Kid's Immune System

Yes. More hugs, fewer infections. A new study from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that hugs can fight off infections and illness, thus boosting your kid’s immunity. If your kid experiences social support from you in the form of frequent hugs and cuddles, he/she will be better equipped to battle infections such as cold viruses.

4. Hugs Make Your Kid Confident

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Hugs generate feelings of intimacy and closeness in your kids. Your touch makes them feel less lonely. This makes them confident. We all are in fact wired to find hugging comfortable and encouraging.

5. Hugs Give Them Proper Sleep

Hugs Give Them Proper Sleep

The therapeutic effect of hugging helps your little one sleep better. Before they doze off, reach out and give them a hug. You will see them getting a good night’s sleep. Your cuddles relax and calm their mind, preparing them for sound sleep.

6. Hugs Regulate Crankiness

Hugs Regulate Crankiness

A close hug is enough to handle a cranky child. Many believe that hugging kids during a meltdown sends them a wrong message. But, it can’t be true always. A kid does not know

how to regulate the emotional turbulence. By giving a hug or by cuddling, you offer him/her the support while they learn to control tantrums.

7. Hugs Help Your Kid Heal

Hugs Help Your Kid Heal

Yes, it does. You may have heard of skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo care used by caretakers to take care of preterm infants. Skin-to-skin snuggling is believed to lower the risk of sepsis, a blood infection. Newborns also gain weight faster with this. Multiple-birth preemies are now routinely co-bedded to take advantage of this benefit. It is found that premature infants who had kangaroo care show better cognitive skills. Besides, they are found to be more resistant to stress and have better sleep patterns, even 10 years later.

You may be thinking how to ensure your little one gets enough hugs a day. Well, you don’t need to keep a time schedule for that. Simply hug your child often for no reason. Hug your little love whenever you feel like and

whenever you can. Wake them up with a hug. A goodbye hug as they leave for school and a big bear hug as they finish their studies. This is an easy way to express your love, strengthening your bond with them in the process. So be liberal with those hugs!