Walking Barefoot On Grass: Spa Foot Massage For Free!

Walking Barefoot on Grass
Walking Barefeet On Grass Spa Foot Massage For Free!

Walking Barefoot On Grass

It is spring time again; fresh grass all around, the warm sunlight, blooming spring flower and chirpy birds make it a serene surrounding to enjoy nature.

I personally have found gazing at green grass and green trees improves my eye sight. And a tiring day brightens up just by taking walk bare feet on fresh green grass. There is a sense of expansion and freedom.Fresh smell of grass can be calming and energizing.


To be in nature, is a great way to start your morning as well as end your evening. Early morning walk and bright sun has numerous health benefits, fresh oxygen in the air is natural way to regaining a calm mind to begin our day filled with freshness. It relieves stress, generating an overall happy feeling. Earthing can also boost the immune system, combat inflammation, reduce stress hormones and improve blood pressure. For people who are ill – and therefore have the most free radicals – the benefits can be dramatic. Those who are healthy usually report sleeping better and having more energy.

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Here are 5 reasons why walking on grass is beneficial to you:

  • Great for feet:
    Fresh dew drops cleanse any feet related issues and help you unwind and feel a sense of freedom to your ever hiding and tormented feet. Walking bare feet on moist grass immediately produces a warm, tingling sensation or a sense of well-being. This contact can trigger health benefits, often within minutes. These benefits include relieving muscle tension, headaches and circulatory issues. Supports your posture, helps the muscles regain its shape out of the hurtful shoes and sandals and leaves a sense of clean feeling for your feet. Regulates blood circulations and cleanses all the senses for a better overall experience of your surroundings.


  • Stimulates eyes:
    Our entire nerves end at our feet making it a store-house of reflexology zones that correspond to various organs of our body. According to the principles of reflexology, stimulating these points can help relieve ailments of the particular organs and keep them healthy. When we walk on grass, we—stimulate the nerve endings of the feet, where thousands of nerve endings converge. Therefore, areas of eyes, ears, lungs, nerves of the face, stomach, spleen, brain, kidneys and many more organs are gently stimulated, helping the entire body heal and rejuvenate. These nerve endings get gently yet directly stimulated by the grass. This in return helps the body stay in a state of balance. Also, we put maximum pressure on the first, second and third toe. The reflexology pressure points for the eyes are present on the second and third toes, which is why walking on grass has a large number of benefits for one’s eyes.


  • Relives Stress:
    The entire environment in the morning; the fresh air, sunlight and peaceful atmosphere helps you in innumerable ways. Fresh oxygen helps your body work better, sunlight helps you keep warm, replenishes your vitamin D stores and the calm atmosphere helps relax your entire body and mind, allowing you to let go of all your stress. Apart from that the green color of grass, helps stimulate your body to produce calming hormones that help you relax.Regular walking, as little as half an hour a day can improve cardiovascular health, moderate weight. In addition, it improves blood oxygenation, circulation, and immune response, removes toxins, and relieves stress. Our breath starts to synchronize with our motion. Ultimately, walking on grass becomes a form of healing meditation, removing our stress and replacing it with wellbeing on all levels.


  • Earthing:
    We are connected with the five elements of nature, one of the element being earth, we seldom walk barefoot , covering out feet with shoes and sandals, takes away the natural connection to earth’s energy.
    Our earth contains magnetic fields and has a certain flow of energy. Therefore when we walk barefoot on grass, we directly get connected to the magnetic field of the earth, which affects the entire electrical and magnetic field of our body. This exchange of energies helps neutralize negative electrical impulses in our body which are known to cause certain ailments. Therefore, cleansing our bodies of negative electrical energies definitely has a positive effect on our overall health.


  • Sunlight:
    When we walk on grass early in the morning we expose our bodies the precious rays of Sun. Sun light is a great source of healing energies and provides vitality and a feeling of aliveness. It is the source of life and energy. It helps disinfect the body, tones the muscles and nerves, supplies the entire body with energy. After a long winter, instead of using supplements of Vitamin D, just walking in the warmth of sunlight supplies the body with the all essential vitamin D.Maximum benefit of the sun baby rays are between 6:30 to 8 in the morning and evening. Now a day, Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and other bone related diseases have become common. Doctors say that this is mainly due to the lack of exposure to the sun. In Northern hemisphere, during winter days we are not exposed to sunlight. Therefore it is very important to soak in sunlight when it is abundant in spring and summer. When you walk in the open – early in the morning – the sun replenishes your vitamin D stores automatically, helping you keep bone and joint diseases at bay.



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