How Many Teaspoons of Sugar Are There in a Can of Coke?

Why Cola is Easily Winning the War against Obesity?
Why Cola is Easily Winning the War against Obesity?


What’s in your Cola?

Gulping down that can of your favorite cola has never been so easy. They are everywhere and with dwindling container sizes their portability and addiction has increased to mind boggling numbers. A couple of decades back what was once a one-off drink, limited to special occasions has now become more consumed than water. More alarming and scary are the numbers indicating how quickly the younger generation is latching on to this sick joyride.

Cola companies continue to be the biggest consumers of sugar production across the world. We have known all along that refined sugar is not good for us and many amongst us have started limiting and finding alternatives. But sadly we relate to sugar in food with how “sweet” it tastes. And that where, we fail to understand how much sugar we are consuming in food, that we do not prepare ourselves.

Sugar Health Concerns:

The western media and the medical fraternity have finally woken up to what is been hailed as the “obesity” epidemic. Most drinks and juices available at all retail outlets have as much sugar

as several candy bars and are definitely contributing to the obesity and type2 diabetes crisis, the western world is experiencing today. It is estimated that the average American consumes around 150 pounds of refined sugars a year!!!

Most adults and children consume 4 times the recommended sugar daily and are bringing onto ourselves some serious health consequences like:

  • Obesity
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Gum Disease
  • Tooth decay

Why do Cola companies add so much Sugar?

  • Straight coffee (no milk, no sugar) is zero calorie and sugar-free, but contains caffeine that is bitter. To counter the bitterness sugar is the only alternative to make it palatable especially for kids.
  • Energy Drinks contain lots of sugar, particularly those that are juice/soda combinations.
  • A typical 16 fl oz energy drink contains around 50-60 grams of sugar. This is about 10-12 teaspoons of sugar.

According to a US government study energy drinks are as harmful as drugs and have recommended them being banned from schools.

The Head of a Cola company admits to the sugar content but “how” much is there will really startle you: