The Effects Of Virtual Lying On Us And Our Relationships

Lying is a wonderfully twisted tool that we humans use to ‘handle’ an inconvenient or uncomfortable situation. People lie for various reasons. Sometimes, people lie to hide an inconvenient truth. Sometimes, people lie to make others feel good and sometimes, we lie to make ourselves feel good. Whatever be the reason, lying can hardly ever be justified. Lying breeds secrets and more lies in turn.

According to a study that was conducted recently, one out of every six American is on some kind of psychiatric drug. This is a very scary data. Why are people becoming more and more depressed? We live in a relatively luxurious times with various amenities that can make our lives easier. But still, our happiness quotient is dipping lower and lower everyday. It makes you think about what is wrong with our generation that an increasing number of people are turning to anti-depressants to get through the day. Surely, complexities of our lives have increased. Social media and smartphones have only added to those complexities. We live in a constantly connected world, but still there is so much unhappiness. Well, there are many things that are adding to our miseries.


Virtual Lies And Modern Relationships

Virtual lies and relationships

Modern relationships are becoming more and more transient. Even though people are constantly connected to one another, they are constantly feeling lonely inside. Modern lifestyle is the reason why people are becoming more and more shallow. People are deciding whom they want to date by seeing photo-shopped photos, rather than having meaningful conversations. We are so obsessed with putting the best version of ourselves out in the social media that we are constantly creating lies. We create lies about how great we look on Instagram with all those filters. We are constantly putting up photos of how happy we are in our relationships with our friends and partners. And we are not doing that out of genuine emotions. We do that because we want others to think that we are happy.


We are creating lies and sadly we are the only ones falling for it. We feel great when we see validation in terms of likes on these platforms. But then we log out and we feel none of those emotions in real life. And that is when we start questioning everything about ourselves and our lives. We start feeling unhappy in our relationships because we are seeking a fake emotional ‘high’ from relationships instead of stability. We invest more time in fabricating perfect photos with our partners rather than creating and living a perfect moment. And that is where the problem lies with our generation. We are obsessed with creating perfect photos with no lasting value instead of perfect memories. We are seeking so much virtual connection that we have forgotten how to feel connected in real life. And we often confuse the virtual world with our real life.

Importance Of Living A Genuine Life

Genuine life breed real emotions


It is important for us to live a genuine life if we want to be genuinely happy and content. The connections we form with people need to be real for us to feel deeper emotions. Lying virtually and otherwise can deeply affect our health. An average American speaks around 11 lies in a week. Lies breed fear, insecurity and anxiety in people. None of these things are healthy for an individual. So, cutting out lies from your life can be a good way to start living more peacefully. We can form genuine connections with others when we are genuine with ourselves first. Lying creates a world of false facts that people who create it start believing in. This is a very dangerous path to walk on. And it is psychologically harmful. So, living a truthful life is the key to happiness.

Cut out the lies and be more truthful with yourself and others to be more happy and deeply connected.