5 Vegan Food Substitutes: The Beginners’ Guide

Educate yourself on healthy vegan options

It is not an easy choice when you decide to become a vegan. Going vegan also doesn’t mean you are adopting the best lifestyle by cutting out on meat and animal products that will make you healthier automatically. If you are going vegan to lose weight, become healthy, and feel better, it is necessary to eat the right food always. Simply replacing meat options with fake meat, replacing bacon and eggs in breakfast with bowls of oats will not help you reach your weight loss goals at all. Instead of cutting down on food that way, you must make healthy and sensible lifestyle changes. You must educate yourself on healthy vegan options to ensure that you are meeting your nutrient requirements and incorporate the best and healthiest vegan substitutes in your diet.

1. Instead Of Cheese, Have Nut Cheese

(Use almond feta cheese, cashew cheese, and chickpea cheese.)


Do not be surprised to know that you can buy vegan cheeses as well. These cheeses are designed in a way that they melt and act like typical cheese itself. However, in order to behave like typical cheese, many vegan cheeses are filled with processed, unhealthy ingredients. In such a situation, the best option always is to use almond feta cheese, cashew cheese, and even, chickpea cheese. These are amazing vegan alternatives for cheese and although they might not melt like traditional cheeses, they will still give that deliciously salty and savory taste of cheese. Top your salad with these great vegan cheeses or use them to top your pizza and fill your sandwich.

2. Get Your Dose Of Protein From Tempeh

Replace fake meats with tempeh

Fake meats, which are consumed as vegan alternatives in burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches have loads of fillers, sugar, and preservatives so that they look like, cook like, and taste like real meat. Now, you are quite sure not to have them ever, isn’t it? So, to keep your taste buds happy and stomach filled, opt for healthier alternatives such as tempeh, tofu, and legumes. All these three offer a lot of nutrients and are high in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Tempeh is filled with probiotics and is a very healthy food for the gut as well.

3. Drool Over Creamy Cheese Sauces

Make cheese sauces from white beans.

Well, this yummy, creamy cheese sauce that is a great vegan option that is made without cheese, without cream, and even without nuts. The secret behind this creamy cheese sauce are the white beans that are great to make creamy and delicious sauces and spreads. This sauce is high in protein content, low in fats, and a very healthy alternative for the traditional creamy sauce.

4. Use Coconut Whipped Cream

A dairy-free and healthy alternative to dairy and cream is coconut cream.)

A dairy-free and healthy alternative to dairy and cream is coconut cream. It works awesome when you are making your chocolate mousse and buttercream icing as well. You can effectively use coconut whipped cream to make a layer between cookies, to make a thick frosting on your cakes and cupcakes and also, to top them and make them look delicious. You also cut down on sugar when you use coconut whipped cream as it is already sweet and delicious.

5. Feel Frozen With Nice Cream

Feel Frozen With Nice Cream

If you do not know what nice cream is, it is time to try it out! Use any frozen fruit to make your very own nice cream. All you need to do is freeze the fruit, cut it into pieces, and blend it in a high-speed food processor to make a smooth puree. Add any choice of flavor like raw cocoa for chocolate ice cream, vanilla paste for vanilla ice cream, or peanut butter powder to make peanut butter ice cream. If you use protein powder to your nice cream, it will work as a healthy, filling, and delicious post-workout recovery option as well. Much healthier than traditional ice cream, nice cream is a perfect vegan dessert.

With these perfectly delicious and healthy substitutes, go vegan happily!