9 Useful Hacks To Get Rid Of Different Types Of Stains

Stains can be pretty disappointing especially if you have stained your new clothes. Drycleaning, however effective it may be, can turn out to be heavy on the pockets. Furthermore, disposing of the stained clothes shouldn’t even be an option.

Ink, grease, make-up, paint, and wine can leave behind some nasty stains which can be hard to get rid of, but not impossible to remove. Here are inexpensive home remedies to get rid of the tough stains.


1. Wine Stains

Removing wine stains from fabric

Red wine can instantly ruin your favorite dress or sheets. To remove wine stains from fabric, use a cotton ball to dab and remove any excess wine. Ensure that you don’t rub as it will only make the stain worse. Spread generous amounts of salt onto the stain and let it dry.


To remove any leftover stain marks, dust the salt away and wash the fabric with cold water and baking soda.

2. Lipstick Stains

Removing lipstick stains from fabric


Lipstick marks can be difficult to remove due to the pigments and oils present in it. Hairspray can effectively remove the stain.

Get rid of any excess lipstick on the fabric and spray the hairspray directly over the stain. Let it sit for about 15 minutes. Use a clean cloth dipped in warm water to remove the stain by dabbing on it. If the stain persists, repeat the procedure once again.


3. Grease Stains

Removing grease stains from fabric

Grease stains can be removed with dish soap as they are usually made to act against grease.


Apply dish soap directly to the stain and rub the detergent on the fabric. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash it with water. You can also use baby powder to absorb all the grease.

4. Blood Stains

Removing blood stains from fabric


If the stain is still fresh, you can wash it in water. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for positive results.

Spray or pour some hydrogen peroxide over the blood stain and let it sit. You will see that the stain slowly becomes foamy and starts fading. If the blood stain has dried, wash it with detergent or soap.


5. Paint Stains

Removing paint stains from fabric

Paint stains can set in very quickly. So, ensure that before it dries, you wash it off. Take equal parts of detergent or soap and water. Take a sponge and dip it in the soap-water mix and work it over the stains. You can also spray warm water at the back of the stains to get rid of it.

If the stain has dried, use rubbing alcohol to remove it. If the stain is caused due to oil-based paint, use dish soap.

6. Make-Up Stains

Removing make-up stains from fabric

The collars usually get stained with make-up as they touch your neck. Take a cotton ball and dip it in rubbing alcohol. Rub the stains with this cotton ball.

For liquid foundation stains, use hydrogen peroxide. You can use dish-washing soap or detergent to remove mascara or eye-liner marks from fabric.

7. Ink Stains

Removing ink stains from fabric

Ink stains need to be removed very carefully. Avoid washing it off with water as this will make it spread and you will end up with a bigger stain.

Use a paper cloth to blot as much ink as you can. Spritz some hairspray over the stain and let it sit for about 5 minutes. With a fresh paper towel blot the stain. Repeat this till the stain goes away. You can also use rubbing alcohol instead of hairspray.

8. Dirt Stains

Removing dirt stains from fabric

For dirt stains, make a solution of vinegar and water in the ratio 1:1. After pouring it over the spot, let it sit for 5–10 minutes. If the stains persist, pour some more solution over the stain and rub it with your finger or a toothbrush.

9. Sweat Stains

Removing sweat stains from fabric

Sweat stains can be removed by scrubbing it with equal parts of lemon juice and water. Pouring some vinegar over the stained cloth before putting it for wash will also remove the sweat marks.

Note: Read the label on the fabric before you use any of these remedies as it can damage or fade the cloth.