4 Ways To Use The Power Of Tao To Bring Good Energy Into Your Home

Feng shui is all about bringing harmony into the lives of people by bringing good energy into their surroundings. Tao is a part of feng shui that focuses on connecting people and their inner human self to the nature that surrounds them. It is greatly grounding and enlightening that can vivify an individual from deep within. This connection can create wellness, bring peace and stability to an individual. It is a feeling of connection that an individual can feel with their surroundings.

Our modern lives often disconnect our minds and our tangible sense of being from our surroundings. Our stress, sadness and worries can push our senses more and more away from our physical reality. We might feel like we are floating through our days from one place to another. This constant feeling of disconnect can make us feel terrible about our lives and our reality. And we become used to doing things without enjoying them. We might even get used to being in our office space and completely hating being there. All these kinds of feelings surface when we don’t

feel a happy connection to our surroundings. And that is what tao is about. It can make you feel connected to a space by making the space tangibly positive. Here is a list of four things that you can do harness the power of tao to make your living space more alive.

1. Fill Your Space With Plants

The idea is to turn your space into an urban jungle. Filling your house with various plants like houseplants, herbs, edible food producing plants etc. can change the atmosphere inside your house. It can bring inside the radiant aura of nature and absorb all the negative energies from your space. Having plants inside your house is a wonderful way of adding freshness to the stale air that exists inside otherwise. The fresh burst of oxygen is great for both our minds and bodies. Basil is a wonderful herb that you can keep in your house. The luxuriance and versatility of this plant has been long

associated with prosperity.

2. Connect To Nature Itself

People living in an urban environment don’t have the luxury of being close to the earth. But you can figure out some ingenious ways of interacting with nature in an urban area. You can carve out a bit of time from a day for yourself to connect to the earth. It can fill you up with positive energy and vibe. You can take a walk to a nearby park and find a cozy place to read your book. This will allow you to absorb the goodness from nature. It can lower your stress hormones and promote healing in you. It will give creative energy that can push to create more wonderful things.

3. Declutter For Goodness

We live in a materialistic world which is full of alluring things. Marketing often makes us believe that we need things that

we generally don’t. Hence, we end up owning a huge number of things that have no significant value in our lives. So, we end up living in a cluttered space with things we don’t feel any connection to. So, that is why you need to declutter your house until you end up with things you completely love. This will help you to feel more positive and connected to your living space.

4. Find Your Happiness

This is a cliche but it is an effective cliche. Our busy lives often don’t allow us to pursue our hobbies. So, make time to follow what really makes you happy. Spend time with people whom you love. All these will be great for your soul and mind. Every little thing that you love doing will add positivity to your life and will help in creating a sense of absolute wellness.

So, use the power of tao to rediscover your love for life and good things will ensue.