How To Use Crystals To Remove Negative Energy From Your Life

You must have gone at least once to a friend’s house and appreciated their sense of aesthetics after seeing the display of crystals in his or her house. Crystals serves a much bigger purpose than just beautifying your home. The owners of these crystals use them to ward off negative energies and bring balance into their lives. You must be thinking it is nothing but a hoax. But use of crystals to change an aura of a place or person is not a new practice. Crystals and their uses are as old as human civilization.

The whole idea of healing through crystals comes from the time of Atlantis. Many believe that Atlantis was a mythical land and did not exist in reality. But history tells us that Atlantis can be traced back to places like ancient Egypt, Greece, America and Europe. The word ‘crystal’ originates from the Greek word ‘krustallos’ which stands for ice.

Crystals And Their Benefits

Crystals help at a vibrational and

a quantum level. Everything that exists is nothing but energy. An object is nothing but a matter with its own vibrational energy that is present within its crystalline structure. And human body is not much different. Human body is a big network of an energy system built around the internal systems like blood, lymph nodes and cells. It is maintained by a complex system of electrochemical energy. So, it can be said that it runs on vibrational energy, just like our emotions and thoughts.

Crystals are full of dynamic vibrational energies. So, when the vibrational energies in our bodies become stagnant, then the vibrational energies from the crystals will help in stabilizing our internal energies. The vibrational energy of a crystal can help in balancing and harmonizing our energies.

If you think that this theory is a hoax, then you might need to reconsider. Albert Einstein famously said that everything in life is a vibration. Everything has its vibrations. Sound has its vibration and so do our thoughts. The vibrations of our thoughts affect all the aspects of our lives.

Steps To A
Balanced Life

First step towards a balanced life is selecting the right crystal. Each crystal serves a different purpose. So, you need to figure out the arena of life where you need peace. Then you can get the corresponding crystal. Also, it is important that you hold the crystal in your hand to see how the crystal makes you feel and how the energy affects you.

Second step is to clear the crystal from all the other unwanted energies. Crystals can pick up energies from other objects through touch. There are three ways of clearing energies off your crystal. You can burn some sage or cedar stick and pass your crystal through the smoke. You can also keep the crystal exposed to the moon on a full moon night. And, you can keep it in the sunshine for a day as well for cleansing.

After the cleansing, you can find a spot in your house or outside, whichever is preferable. Sit with your crystal

and think about all the good things you want in the arena of life where you feel stuck. Pass on all your positive energies and good intentions to the crystal. You can sit for sometime and meditate, and focus on sending all your positivity to the crystal.

How To Use Crystals In Daily Life

You can hold on to your crystal while you meditate or pray. You can keep the crystal somewhere around the house. Also, you can wear it as a locket or keep it in your pocket. You can use its energy to stabilize your Chakras. You can go to sleep with the crystal under your pillow as well. You can cleanse your crystal once a month.
Before you buy a crystal, make sure you research about it and find out which kind of crystal you need in your life and then buy it. Hematite, jet stone, amethyst and rose quartz all serve a different purpose. So, be sure about your

choice before you buy one. And then you can use the vibrations of crystals to bring harmony and peace back in your life.