10 Unusual Behaviors That Show You’re Silently Depressed

You know you’re laughing, you know they can see it. You mask your sadness with a smile. You’re light and cheerful on the outside, but deep down you’re trapped in a dark vortex of sadness and depression. People ask you questions, they judge your way of doing things, but they don’t understand. If you’re doing these following things to hide your depression, you need to seek professional help at the earliest.

1. You Bury Your Emotions Deep Down


You try to convince yourself that you’re completely fine, and there is nothing wrong with you. You paste a fake smile on to your face and meet your friends with enthusiasm and energy. But inside you’re drained and utterly lost. You feel no one would understand even if you chose to open up, so you decide to bottle up all your emotions within you. The sooner you realize pretending to be happy will not really make you happy, the better.

2. You Get Ticked Off Easily


You start lashing out at your loved ones for the most trivial of reasons. Your partner accidentally spilled a drink or forgot to put his shoes on the shoe rack- and that sets you off like a time bomb. This could be because a lot of negative energy is harbored inside you and is waiting to spew out even with the smallest of triggers.  If you start noticing that you are constantly snapping at your spouse, or kids, or parents for no particular reason, then there are chances that you are suffering from anxiety and stress.

3. You Are Never Satisfied With Anything You Do


Whether it’s a small sheet of expenses or a presentation at work, you like to do it again and check it over and over. You’re a complete perfectionist and you can’t stop trying to please people around you. This might be normal for people who have been like this since birth, but if you have developed this habit of redoing things suddenly, then understand that there must be underlying reasons that are triggering such quirks. You are advised to talk to an expert if this is the case.

4. You Give In To Self Medication And Substance Abuse


When you are feeling depressed, you can’t just have one glass of wine. You tend to finish the bottle or rely on painkillers to be able to sleep at night. You can’t get away with your problems this way. No one gets anywhere by drowning their problems in pills and alcohol. Self-medication and substance abuse are never solutions- they are mere excuses to waste your life away. Don’t give in to such urges- instead, realize that you have a problem and find out a way to get yourself out of it.

5. You Start Dreading Social Events


Whether it’s a wedding, a movie plan, or dinner plans with your friends, you’ve been dying to go, but you back out at last minute. A sudden urge to shirk social events is a sure sign of depression and anxiety. Especially so, if you once used to be a social butterfly and have suddenly started dreading being in the presence of other people. It’s just your depression causing you to lock yourself up with your innermost thoughts- don’t cave in; stay strong.

6. Your Body Never Ceases To Ache


Depression, like anxiety, can cause physical symptoms. Sometimes your body will feel like it weighs tons and every bone in your body will ache. You may also experience other physical symptoms like headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, and digestive disorders. Your mind and body are strongly connected, and if one is not happy, the other tends to suffer. These aches and symptoms may not have a physical cause, its just your mental suffering resurfacing as physical discomfort.

7. You Can Neither Sleep Nor Stay Awake


Insomnia is strongly associated with mental illnesses. Depression and anxiety are very much connected to lack of sleep. Which would in turn drain you, causing you to fall asleep at untimely hours. Basically, lack of sleep would make you extremely tired, causing you to doze off in the day time.

8. You Find Solace In Comfort Foods


Finding comfort in food is a common symptom of depression. Since you cannot make your feeling go away, you decide to eat them instead. You don’t feel good mentally, and food is the only thing which provides you comfort when you’re alone. If you suddenly find yourself drowning in candy and junk food, then it could be because you are trying to swallow your unhappiness along with the food. This could in turn lead to many health disorders like obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes.

9. You Stop Eating All Together


While some people tend to overeat, others choose to do the exact opposite. They develop an aversion for food. They lose appetite and don’t feel hungry at all. With depression comes the loss of all desire to eat or keep yourself nourished. This is a major reason why many people who are stressed out lost weight all of a sudden.This symptom is just as dangerous and unhealthy as its above mentioned sibling.

10. You Tear Up For No Reason At All


Sometimes you cry for no particular reason. You will be looking out of the window, and tears start rolling down your eyes. You try to think the reasons why you’re sad, but you can’t think of anything. This is due to the chemical imbalance in your brain, and is definitely not your fault. It’s somewhat like PMSing forever. Worry not, you can always seek help and bounce back to your cheerful self with the right treatment and mental support.