7 Unpleasant Things Moms May Face At Hospital After Birth

The first things a new mom wants is to hold the baby and the second it to snuggle with them—nothing more. However, things don’t always go as anticipated and it is right there in the hospital that the violations of personal space take place.

The postpartum period is a vulnerable time for the mother—her body is weak and healing and she desires to be with the baby at all times. During this time, the worst that can happen is that her comfort and privacy are compromised with. Sometimes, people including the hospital staff and the family members are insensitive towards her after her delivery.


Here are 7 things that mothers have experienced after their delivery that aren’t very pleasant.

1. Visitors And More Visitors

Visitors are disturbing, especially if they barge in soon after the baby is born. To avoid a horde of visitor dropping by all at once, to congratulate you, you could discuss it with partner or family members before the delivery. Let moms be given some much-deserved personal space to rest and have some good time with the baby.


2. Violation Of Privacy

Many nurses and doctors don’t bother about the mother’s privacy since they are so used to seeing patients naked, vulnerable or in a not so good state. It doesn’t matter whether they ask or inform you before doing a checkup. Things as small as leaving the curtain open when they leave the room could be disrespectful towards the mother’s privacy.

3. Not Letting Her Hold The Baby First

Unless it is a medical urgency, the mother should be the first person to hold the baby after the doctor aids in the delivery. However, sometimes, the baby is taken away quickly for cleaning, bathing and medical checkups which is not an immediate necessity.


4. Refusing To Tell About The Baby

Sometimes, the baby is taken away to the NICU and the mother is not being told the reason behind it. Of course, the information is kept hidden from them to prevent them from panicking, but not telling her about it will obviously make her panic more. Not good!

5. Not Asking Her To Eat

Childbirth is demanding and can leave you exhausted. Mothers might come across a situation where everyone is concerned about her health but no one is asking her to eat. By this time, she might feel starved, but did anyone ask her what she wants to eat after that distressing episode of childbirth?


6. Forcing The Mother To Breastfeed

There are times when the breastmilk does come in quickly or is undersupplied. Some mothers even face the problem of insufficient glandular tissue due to which the milk supply is insufficient. It becomes despite this, everyone in the room insists that you try to breastfeed and ask you questions related to breastfeeding. Not only it feels like a constant pressure for the new one, it becomes embarrassing.

7. Announcing On Social Media Without Permission

While you are still at the hospital, some relative or friend takes a selfie with the new mom and baby and before you know it, they post it on social media—not only is this annoying, it is a serious violation of the mother’s privacy.


Since some people lack the basic sensitivity towards a new mother, it is necessary that you make things very clear to the people around you. Also, it is necessary that you discuss the possibility of such embarrassing moments with your partner so that they make a note and are there to support in your favor.

Afterall the days after birth should be relaxing and comfortable for the mother when she can thoroughly being a new mom. Do you have any unpleasant experiences where you were at the hospital for your delivery?