Unleashing Your Six-Pack Abs – Top 3 recommendations that works

Unleashing Your Six-Pack Abs - Top 3 recommendations that works
Unleashing Your Six-Pack Abs - Top 3 recommendations that works

So you want to get those six-pack abs, right?  Guess what?  You already possess them!  Now, you may be thinking that I’m crazy.  I’m not.  I said that you have them and you do.  The problem is that you can’t see them.

Think of it this way: You possess a valuable momento.  It’s locked up securely in a safe deposit box at the bank.  You know it’s there and yet, you can’t see it at this moment (unless you’re at the bank checking on it).  Your six-pack abs are there with you.  If you can’t see them, then you probably have them covered up with layers of fat.

Endless amounts of abdominal specific exercises aren’t going to reveal your six-pack.  Only by burning off that excess fat will they be uncovered.  That will take work on your part to do that.  It’s also going to take some concerted effort to stop munching on junk food as well.

Here are my top 3 recommendations that will help you to reveal your six-pack:

  1. Diet & Nutrition!  Start eating healthier right now.  There are many choices in
    how to do that and I highly recommend that you look into Dr. Lori Shemek’s book , Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!   Diet and nutrition is the #1 key to successfully burning belly fat.

  • Exercise!  I would suggest that you get off that chair and move as much as possible throughout the day.  Too much sitting leads to more belly fat.  Also, increase the intensity of your exercise sessions.  High Intensity Interval Training and Circuit Training both raise the metabolic rate up to 24 hours.
  • Reduce Your Stress!  Emotional stress is directly related to accumulation of belly fat due to an increase of cortisol.  Start relaxation exercises, such as mindfulness training.  Yoga and Tai Chi are great at reducing stress as well.  Get more and higher quality sleep.

Just from those 3 recommendations, you’ll be well on your way to showing off a rock-hard midsection. Make sure to be consistent too.  Hey, I’m still working on mine as well.


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America’s #1 Mind-Body Transformation Expert and author of Mind Your Own Fitness