7 Facts About Erections You Might Not Know

Your penis is a fascinating part of your body. It seems to have a mind of its own. Getting an erection in the inappropriate moment can be uncomfortable, but not getting one when you need it to, can be even worse. There are millions of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and many of them don’t know why it happens. The organ is quite unique and the way it functions is full of surprises too. Here are a few things about erections that you may not know.

1. There Are Different Types Of Erections

Though all erections may look the same to you, there actually 3 types of them – reflexogenic, psychogenic, and nocturnal. Reflexogenic erections occur due to physical contact, psychogenic erections come from fantasy or audiovisual stimulation, and nocturnal erections occur at night.

2. You Can Break Your Penis

Though there are no bones in the penis, it can actually break when it is erect. The blood vessels in the penis can burst, causing it to swell and become black and blue. This is known as a penile fracture, which is extremely painful. It usually occurs when you are having sex and your partner is on top. Your penis is fragile. Take it easy the next time around.

3. Men With Erectile Dysfunction May Not Actually Have It

As men get older, they are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, which means that they cannot get an erection or hold one long enough to get satisfied. Although erectile dysfunction is not uncommon, many men may actually suffer from erectile dissatisfaction and not dysfunction.

Erectile dissatisfaction is not as full-blown as erectile dysfunction. You will find it difficult to have an erection from fantasy or audiovisual stimulation alone and direct stimulation is required. Plus, erections will form quite slowly and will not be as firm as it used to. All you need to do is change your love-making approach, exercise, and eat healthily.

4. Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Due To Other Health Problems

In some cases, erectile dysfunctions may be a result of other serious health issues. They can be caused by diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other health issues. If you experience erectile dysfunction, you should get a complete checkup done. And the good news is, you can avoid it by having sex at least once a week.

5. Medications For Erectile Dysfunction Don’t Always Work

Medicines that help men with erectile dysfunction are not 100 percent effective. These drugs may work only in about two-third cases. So, many people may have to take larger doses, which can have serious side effects.

6. You Don’t Need An Erection To Have An Orgasm

You may be under the impression that you can’t have an orgasm without an erection, but that is not the case. Erections are not always necessary for erections or ejaculation, and ejaculation does not have to be the reason for every orgasm.

7. Your Lifestyle Choices Make You Prone To Erectile Dysfunction

If you want to reduce your risk of having erectile dysfunction later on in life, you need to start developing healthy habits from a very early age. Drinking, smoking, being overweight, using drugs, and even excessive bicycling can raise your risk of erectile dysfunction.

The male anatomy is confusing, and it does get disappointing when it does not work the way you want it to. But you can always look after yourself, maintain a healthy lifestyle, prevent stress, and go to the doctor for regular checkups to prevent erectile dysfunction later on in life. Keep in mind that you are in control of what happens to your body.