9 Unexpected Things Fears Reveal About Your Personality

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality

Most of us are terrified of one thing or another. Some of us try to avoid such situations. While some of us let our imagination take control over ourselves. But, your fears are a lot more powerful than you think.

Just like how the famous inkblot test can dig things about your personality, your fears also hold secrets about your true character.


What Your Fears Can Tell About Your Personality

1. Fear Of Being Alone In The Dark

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality Fear Of Being Alone In The Dark

You are alone in the house. You walk to the light switch, normally. But, the second the lights are out, you rush to the bedroom like someone is chasing you. Nyctophobia or fear of the dark is extremely common in adults and children alike. But there’s good news. Some experts claim people who are extremely imaginative tend to be afraid of the dark. As soon as the lights go off, your hyperactive imagination kicks in, you build scenarios in your head, and you end up scaring yourself.


2. Fear Of Flying

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality Fear Of Flying

Fear of flying is known as aviophobia. People with this kind of fear need to be in control of everything. In their life, being in control constantly helps them steer through life. But when they are in the air, they have no power over anything about the flight, it remains in the hands of a stranger.1 This leads them to create scenarios in their head.


3. Fear Of Public Speaking

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality Fear Of Public Speaking

Does the thought of standing on stage and speaking to an audience, petrify you? You are not alone. People with stage fright are mostly introverted. They love being with their own thoughts and prefer confiding in a few friends rather than a large group of people. They aren’t comfortable being the center of attention.


4. Fear Of Blood

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality Fear Of Blood

Do you squirm at the sight of blood? Sound like you have hemophobia, otherwise known as fear of blood. People who feel faint at the sight of blood are believed to be full of calmness in their life. They take care of themselves and their body with great passion. And they feel woozy at the thought of something harming their body. When they feel faint after seeing blood, it’s their brain telling them something is wrong.


5. Fear Of Germs

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality Fear Of Germs

Obsessed with having everything in your house spotless and shiny? Terrified of touching something without your trusted handkerchief? You might have mysophobia, commonly known as the fear of germs. While the obsession can get you a squeaky clean house and work desk, the truth is you might have hidden anxiety issues. Your anxiety levels are high and you find it difficult to cope with things without any order.


6. Fear Of Being Alone

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality Fear Of Being Alone

Some people love being surrounded by people all the time. They love being the center of attention and they are never seen alone. This could be a result of monophobia or fear of being alone. Being alone makes them feel uncomfortable – a reason why they hate being single. The fear of being single has a huge influence on their decisions, like settling with someone they aren’t attracted to.2


7. Fear Of Crowded Places

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality Fear Of Crowded Places

Are you petrified of crowded places? Turns out, you could have agoraphobia or the fear of crowded places. This reveals that while you love hanging out with friends, you put up boundaries to avoid getting into conflicts. You also tend to be careful when picking people to be your friends.

8. Fear Of Snakes

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality Fear Of Snakes

Being petrified of snakes aka ophidiophobia reveals an interesting part of your personality. Psychologists suggest some people develop the same fears as their ancestors had. During the time of your ancestors, it was a survival instinct to protect themselves and their family from snakes. This fear passed onto generations, causing you to have the same protective instincts.

9. Fear Of Height

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality Fear Of Height

Experts suggest people with the fear of height or acrophobia are complex in nature. On one hand, they love adventures and being part of fun-filled experiences. On the other hand, they are petrified of the unknown. This combination of complex feelings could make it hard for them to make decisions or even stay on a side of an argument.

So, the next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and you feel scared, don’t be too hard on yourself. All you need is a way around it.