6 Uncomfortable Questions That Kids Ask Their Parents

Children are inquisitive by nature. They are receptive to everything that the world throws at them. But sometimes, social conventions and etiquette can baffle them which can make them ask their parents some questions that can be quite uncomfortable to answer. Parents often feel stumped when kids ask them certain questions in public or in front of guests. But instead of feeling uncomfortable, the right way to handle this is to answer the children in a positive way which would allow them to learn about the world. So, parents can prepare themselves beforehand to avoid being dumbfounded when their kids ask them such difficult questions. Here is a list of six unusual questions that children ask.

1. Where Did I Come From?

This question can make many parents cringe but they need to understand that their children want to know about their origin. It is a genuine doubt. You can tell your child that there are cells inside daddy that he gave to mommy after they fell in love. Daddy’s cell then joined with mommy’s cell to form a bigger cell. That cell floated inside mommy till it grew bigger and then it came out as a baby. And that is how he or she was born. If your child is little older, then you can explain to him or her the idea of egg cells and sperm cells.

2. Why Do The Private Parts Look Different For Girls And Boys?

This is a question that makes its way to all the parents regardless of the gender of their children. So, you need to be prepared to answer your children. You can tell them that the difference is what allows humans to have babies. Boys are born with a penis and two testicles whereas girls are born with a vagina and a womb where babies grow. So, when girls and boys are old enough and decide to have a baby after falling in love, they can put together the pieces of the puzzle of nature together and make a baby.

3. Would I Be Able To Marry Mom When I Grow Up?

Kids ask this question when they discover attraction towards the opposite sex. So, you need to explain to them in a way so that they can understand. Tell them that every person has one role in every family. Grandma cannot become uncle and uncle cannot become mom. Similarly, he or she cannot marry his or her mom. Tell your child that when he or she grows up, he or she will meet someone whom she or he will fall in love and marry eventually. His or her mom will always be his or her mom and he or she will always love her for that.

4. Why Is That Person So Fat?

When kids ask that question, they are merely pointing out the difference. So, refrain from snapping at your child and explain to him or her. People are born with different types of bodies. Some people are tall and some are short. Similarly, there are some people who are fat and some are thin. Some people have curly hair and some have brown eyes. All these differences make people unique that adds to the beauty of the world.

5. Why Do You Love My Brother/Sister More?

It is normal for children to compete with their siblings for the affection of their parents. You should handle this query with tenderness. You can explain to your child that since all your children are different from each other, the way you express your love toward each of them is different.

6. Why Can You Do This And I Can’t?

Sometimes when children see their parents do certain things, they think it is alright for them to do the same. This is the reason why little children want to wear make up when they see their moms put some on. And sometimes they want to smoke as they see their parents smoke. So, you need to be honest with them when they say they want to take up a vice after you. You need to tell them that you are working to get rid of your bad habits and they shouldn’t follow you. You are trying to be a better version of yourself and they should always try to do that.

Children are learning about the world as they are growing up. Thus, parents should help their children to learn the right things the right way.