5 Types Of Tummies That Are Not Caused By Excess Weight

Types Of Belly Not Caused By Excess Weight

Obesity is a major problem across the world, excess body weight can be due to physical inactivity, overeating, metabolism, and even the culture.1 Excess body weight can give you a tummy, they can also cause serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes, breathing problems, coronary heart disease, and mental illness.2

Now, before you start worrying about your tummy, let us clarify that not all tummies are caused by excess weight. Yes, you read it right! There are several types of tummies which are not due to excess weight.

Let’s look at 5 types of tummies that are not caused by excess weight:

1. Mommy’s Belly

Kegel Exercise Can Help You Get Rid Of Mommy Belly

This belly is usually common in women, you can get this type of belly mainly after pregnancy. Mommy’s belly is caused if you start working out too early after

the delivery, it can also be due to weak pelvic muscles.

After the delivery, the uterus gets lowered and it can take approximately six weeks to return to normal, this can be another cause for mommy’s belly.

How to get rid of Mommy’s Belly:

  • Eat healthy fats: Consume more of nuts, olives, and vegetable oil. Healthy fats are beneficial for new mom’s as they help fight fatigue.
  • Suck in the belly: It’s a simple way to get rid of mommy’s belly. It will help you tone the muscles without over exerting them.
  • Try the Kegel exercises: Kegel exercises will help you strengthen the pelvic floor, it may even eliminate bladder leakage.3

2. Low Belly

Eat Fibers To Get Rid Of Low Belly

You may be slim but the lower part of your belly protrudes out. Low belly is caused as more fat gets accumulated in the lower part of your belly.

Other reasons for low belly can be a tedious workout, curvature of the

spine, recent delivery, and monotonous diet.

How to get rid of Low Belly:

  • Eat lots of fiber: Food rich in fiber can help you get rid of the low belly. Eat more of whole grains and green leafy vegetables.
  • Do a balanced exercise: Do not exercise just one or very few parts of the body. Train your entire body so that you work on every muscle group.
  • Hydrate yourself: Keep yourself hydrated at all the times and give preference to food that can be easily digested.
  • Eat lean proteins: Eat more of lean proteins. Food such as fish and chicken are an excellent source of lean protein.4

3. Inflated Belly

Eat Breakfast Regularly To Get Rid Of Inflated Belly

You wake up with a flat tummy but as the day passes your tummy grows. You can get inflated belly even without having any excess weight.

The main reason for inflated belly is intestinal flora imbalance, food allergy, and slow bowel movements.5

How to get rid of Inflated Belly:

  • Never avoid breakfast: Skipping breakfast can make you overweight.6 Eating breakfast regularly can help you get rid of inflated belly.
  • Say “No” to foods your body doesn’t want: Avoid eating foods your body is allergic to. A lot of people are allergic to dairy products such as butter, cheese, and milk. Some may be allergic to yeast which is found in beer and cakes. Find out the food your body is allergic to and avoid them to get rid of inflated belly.
  • Eat fresh: Avoid processed food for two weeks and start eating fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and chicken. Check after two weeks if your belly stopped swelling.

4. Stress Belly

Chronic Stress Is The Major Cause For Stress Belly

Chronic stress is the

major reason for stress belly.7 Stress belly can also be caused due to unhealthy food and excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages.

How to get rid of Stress Belly:

  • Eat more magnesium-rich food: Magnesium helps in relaxing the stress levels.8 Consume more of magnesium-rich food such as nuts, wheat bran, and green vegetables.
  • Sleep early and sleep enough: Not giving your body the rest it needs can affect your leptin production. Leptin is a hormone that helps regulate your food intake and calorie burn rate.9
  • Limit caffeine intake: Avoid drinking coffee at night as it may disrupt your sleep.10 Also, limit your coffee intake during the day to a maximum of two cups.

5. Love Handles

Workout Regularly To Get Rid Of Love Handles

https://i2.wp.com/curejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Love-Handles.jpg?resize=768%2C449&ssl=1 768w" sizes="(max-width: 696px) 100vw, 696px" />

Love handles are the cushions on your sides or the fat on the sides. This type of belly is usually caused due to alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, processed and starchy food, your sweet tooth can give you love handles too!

How to get rid of Love Handles:

  • Limit alcohol consumption: Excessive alcohol consumption can give you side fat and a potbelly. Avoid drinking alcohol for two weeks, after that if you want to drink, then drink in moderation.
  • Cut down on sugary food: To get rid of love handles you will need to give your sweet craving a break. Cut down on the food rich in sugar and go for healthier options such as fresh fruits.
  • Workout regularly: You can shed that extra body fat by working out regularly. There’s no need to go to the gym, you can go for long walks, do push-ups, lunges, and Russian twist.


  • Avoid workout if you recently underwent a surgery or if you suffer from a chronic disease.
  • Always consult a professional doctor before changing your diet and daily routine.