10 Types Of Dog Barks And What They Mean

Having a dog in your life is quite delightful. Dogs are energetic and adorable beings that can brighten up your day in no time. You can play with them, cuddle with them, and sit down and talk to them. But don’t you often wish that they could talk back? It would be great to know the world according to their point of view. Well, your dog may not actually talk to you, but it is always trying to communicate with you. It may not be able to sound words, but it can bark. If you have noticed, it doesn’t bark the same all the time. For each thing it wants to tell you, it barks in a different way. You will be able to easily understand what your dog wants to tell you if you can decipher its bark. Here are a few things it might want to tell you and how it barks accordingly.

1. Hello!



When you come home after a long day of work, it seems like your dog’s happiness knows no bounds. It licks you, wags its tail, and overwhelms you with its energy. Not only does it show its excitement, it tries to say hello to you too. If you hear 1 or 2 short and sharp barks of a mid-range pitch, then your furry friend is trying to say hello.

2. There’s A Problem!

There's A Problem


You can sleep peacefully through the night when you have a dog in your house. If it is big and ferocious, it can easily tackle an intruder, and if it is small it can raise an alarm to warn you. It will bark continuously at a mid-range pitch with a few pauses every now and then. So next time you hear it bark like that, be alert and check out what the problem is.

3. Where’s The Pack?

Where's The Pack


If your dog wants to communicate with other dogs in the area, especially at night, it will bark continuously and rapidly at a mid-range pitch. If you hear other dogs responding in the same way, then there’s not much cause for concern. It just wants to know that there are others of his kind.

4. I’m Lonely

I'm Lonely


Just as you feel lonely, your dog feels lonely too. It needs your care and attention more than you think it does. If it is neglected and feels lonely, it will let you know. It will bark continuously without pausing until you give it some company.

5. What’s This?

What's This


Dogs are curious creatures. They always like to poke their nose into everything, literally. If they don’t know what something is, they will energetically let out a sharp, short bark at a high mid-range pitch. It will curiously sniff the object as they do so. You may try and explain what the object is to your dog, hoping that it will understand, but will be happy just being curious.

6. Stop It!

Stop It


Just because your dog is cute, you may want to irritate it just to check out its reaction. Dogs get annoyed too. If it wants you to stop doing something, it will let out a short, sharp bark at a low mid-range pitch. Give it some rest when it barks in this way. You can always play with it later.

7. Ow!



Many times, you may accidentally sit on your dog, or it may fall down when playing catch. When it gets hurts, it lets out a short high-pitched bark or a yelp. You should immediately examine it for injuries.

8. I’m Hurt!

I'm Hurt

You should be extra careful and should take your dog to the vet if it yelps continuously. It may be hurting internally or externally. You should not take such calls for help lightly. Being vigilant can prevent serious complications.

9. I Want To Play

I Want To Play

When your dog is in the mood to play, it will let you know. It will come to you, wag its tail, and bark in stutters at a mid-range pitch. So next time it barks in this manner, take it as your cue to go out and play catch.

10. I’m Having Fun

I'm Having Fun

Dogs seem to have fun doing almost anything – chasing squirrels, drinking from the toilet, sticking their head out of a moving car, and chewing up the couch. Your dog will let you know when it is having a lot of fun. It will bark in a high pitch, almost like a yelp but not as high. Play with it some more. You will also have some fun looking at your pooch enjoy itself.

Knowing what your dog is trying to tell you is a great skill to have. You will be able to interact with it more and will be able to form a deeper connection with it. Spending more time with your tail-wagging companion is the best way to understand what it wants to tell you.