Two Years Of No Booze And This Is What Happened To Andy

Meet Andy Boyle, he is a 30 years’ old, writer, stand-up comedian and was a web for NBC Breaking News in Chicago. Most nights, he would be at comedy clubs and bars, which inevitably results in having a pint or two of beer, including the weekend social drinking, which could be excessive.

One fine evening, he made a vow to quit drinking after his last night at a famous Chicago comedy club, in the company of some close friends and comedy icons.

This decision he hoped would motivate him to have more focus on his work, boost his immune system and grab the reins to control his weight.
After starting this routine in 2013, as of 2015, he did it, so here are some things Andy says happened and can happen in a life without drinking.1


Fun Takes Other Forms

Booze has become the VIP of most parties, to the extent that having fun is often associated with drinking or abusing alcohol. Be it a stay-in evening or a night about town, as it was for Andy with comedy shows, concerts, after-work night caps, and more. However, you can still have fun at them without a pint in one hand, actually remember the details of the night before when you wake up the next day, without feeling sick.

Texts And Regrets

Most can relate to the stupid texts we send or calls we make when drunk. Andy says, you can save yourself the embarrassment and has not woken up to some stupid messages he sent, since he stopped drinking. He is also now in better control of his impulses and is less reactive to them, as opposed to when he used to drink and act on his emotions erratically.

Judge And Budge

People frown upon those that do not drink, especially in a social group where you’re the only one sipping a juice, as everyone hits the bottle. Some of the things Andy’s been told are: “I can’t trust someone who doesn’t drink” or “You’re not fun unless you’re drunk”. He was acceptable as long as he drank with his friends too and that’s just unfair. Andy has faced gossip behind his back, lost a few friendships and even relationships because he stopped drinking. He says it makes you realize which bonds in your life were real, but is empathetic towards those that fail to understand or respect his standpoint.

Deeper Sleep, Lighter Moods

Andy says he can sleep better than he ever has before and studies which say booze affects proper sleep patterns are right. Likewise, alcohol is said to make a person more prone to depressive feelings, less motivated to go out, see anyone and even induce some self-hate. But Andy is now in much better moods, more accepting and loving of his life and who he is. Positivity is now his companion or solution even during bad times, which he never felt before when he drank.

Jerk Mode To Kindness

Andy said he was almost run over by someone when he was crossing the road, to which the man driving flipped Andy off. His old self would have stood in front of the car, taken a photo and posted it online captioning it, “Look at this jerk who tried to hit me with his car!” and felt cocky. Instead of raging, Andy empathized and rationalized the guy’s behavior instead. He thought maybe the guy was having a bad day, running late or for an emergency, or has a tough life, unlike Andy. So, Andy brushed it aside and hoped the guy is happier in life soon enough, instead of cursing him.


More Money!

He bought a condominium. Yes, he wished it was not because of how much money he could save by not drinking or spending the food he ate with it, but he claims that 1/4th of his down payment for the condo, was equal to the amount he would spend on booze.

Look At That Body

Andy lost 75 pounds, and started to exercise at least three to four days a week. He also went from XXL to Large and reduced his waist size from 42 to 36-inches.

Lethargy And Tiredness

When drinking, Andy’s adventures were driven by the liquid adrenaline it induced, but now he can consciously search for adventure and fun things to do instead of trying to fill some empty space in himself.


Reductive To Productive

Andy said that he had more time and motivation, which enabled him to complete the first draft of a self-help book and drafts for different TV and movie scripts.

He even had more energy, so he could perform at three comedy festivals and even got a new job. This all comes from cutting down on time spent in bars, and spend it on working on something that manifests into a good professional future. With the time he got, Andy could better himself, learn new skills even if it took a toll on his social life, he feels like is succeeding more now.

He admits that he knows eventually, we all are going to die, so if there are a few personal milestones he can make to leave behind, for others to enjoy for real people to learn from, that is all he needs. Beyond, chatting up some stranger in a bar, but he wanted something that lasts longer than he does.

So, if you feel that drinking is making you feel bad more than good, stop do not let anyone make you feel bad for it. Fun exists without booze, and considering everything Andy has achieved, he says it goes beyond what words can say.

He hopes what he learned can enlighten others to stop their ‘booze cruise’. Although he doesn’t know if he will get back to drinking or not, for now his life seems to be a lot better.