Twins On Rise Across US

Over the last twenty years, the number of multiple pregnancies have increased. This is because most women are becoming pregnant after the age of thirty. Research has shown that women above the age of 30 have a higher probability of conceiving multiples especially triplets. Secondly, the reason for the increase is also due to use of fertility drugs and fertility procedures.



A study conducted by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) found that in 2013, there were about 132,300 twin births, about 4,300 triplet births, 270 quadruplet births, and 66 births of quintuplets or higher-order births, out of about 3.9 million total births in the United States.

Look at these Two Stories:

Blessed With Two Sets of Triplets

After failing to conceive naturally, couple Sarah and Bill Imbierowicz of Kokomo, Indiana wanted to go for adoption, when finally, their prayers were answered. They got pregnant with IVF and gave birth to their first son, Will. No less than a miracle, Sarah decided to give Will siblings and tried IVF again. This time, the doctors had implanted three embryos and soon, they were basking in the news of being pregnant with triplets (boys).
Wanting to have a girl, to duo again opted for IVF and doctors were amazed that they were pregnant with triplets again! (All three were girls)
The doctors of the hospital were amazed as more often than not when two embryos are placed through IVF, chances are one of the embryos split and it became identical twins. So, here was a couple blessed with triplets twice, making it no less than a science miracle.


Quadruplets And Loving It!

Kimberly Fugate was surprised when she found out that she was pregnant at the age of 40. More shocking news followed the family, as the couple was told that they were expecting triplets, and it was rare kind, because they had conceived without IVF.
Kimberly went into labor in her 28th week itself, and what went in the delivery room was even more shocking, for after giving birth to three, there was a fourth identical baby girl ready to be born.
The couple was overwhelmed, as they had very little prep time for three, forget about four. But few years have gone by, and Kimberly is loving every moment of her motherhood.

IVF And Twins

Even if science is yet to find out why this happens, but being pregnant through IVFs has increases the chances of conceiving twins. The couple can end up with identical twins from a single transferred embryo or even triplets from two embryos which was the case of Sarah.
In the case of Kimberly, it was no less than a miracle, but science has found that age does increase the chances of having twins.
Some Factors That Increases The Chances Of Having Twins
1. Family history: It’s in your genes, so bless (or, blame) them if you’re pregnant with multiples
2. Tucking into steak every Friday? This may not sound so good, but it’s been seen that women who are more into whole milk and red meats have increased chances of being pregnant with multiples. Vegans and vegetarian are safe. (as of now at least!)
3. Children, much? If you already have children, then chances increase of conceiving multiples.
What Is It Like?


In case the above stories are making you gush about multiples, you need to understand that being pregnant with multiples is a difficult thing. Not only are there complications, there are also things you need to be taken care of, including finances and ability to comfort all of them at the same time. (Sounds, like a bit of a nightmare, right?)

But it’s not that bad. There are multiple help groups working with hospitals to give moms of multiples the support that they need. However, if you are expecting, make sure that you understand the risks involved and at least be prepared for handling the kids.