Super Herb Turmeric: Magical And Miraculous Health Benefits


Turmeric is packed with amazing antioxidant compounds that helps the body to fight cell damage and keep you looking as young as ever. This post covers the amazing health benefits of turmeric that help fight chronic heart diseases and cancer, cold and flu and depression. It is a potent antidote to the many ills resulting from our modern lifestyle characterized by poor diet, increased contact with toxic chemicals and a polluted environment.

This post also covers some easy ways to make turmeric a part of your daily diet.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Turmeric

All You Need To Know About Turmeric


Turmeric is a wonder herb that should definitely make it to your everyday diet. It has high amounts of curcumin, a compound that has studies to support it’s effectiveness against cystic fibrosis, cancer prevention, childhood leukemia, crohn’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Turmeric also has a high amount of vital minerals such as manganese, magnesium, calcium, vitamin c, zinc and


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Turmeric: The All-In-One Natural Super Drug


Turmeric, an orange-colored spice is part of the ginger family and has been a staple in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cooking for thousands of years. In addition, ayurvedic and Chinese medicines also utilize turmeric to clear infections and inflammations on the inside and outside of the body. It is inexpensive, mild in taste, and benefits every system in the body. Adding this powerful plant to your diet is one of the best things you can do for long term health.

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Turmeric: The Golden Spice For Good Health


Turmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, with the root of the plant processed to form turmeric containing approximately 5% of curcumin. It is the curcumin that has been the subject of interest and research in the West over

the last few decades with respect to it’s medicinal properties – as an anti-inflammatory to treat digestive and liver problems, skin diseases, and wounds.

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Turmeric Mask Recipe: Ayurveda’s Best Skin Exfoliant


Turmeric does wonders to the skin as an exfoliant. Apart from removing dead skin and impurities, the turmeric mask also maintains the natural pH balance of the skin and imparts a healthy glow to it. Ayurveda recommends turmeric to be used regularly for glowing, blemish free complexion.

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Can Turmeric Help Treat My Depression?


Ayurveda contains years of documented scientific studies that proves turmeric to be an effective anti-depressant. It modulates the level of neurotransmitters in the brain. Curcumin in turmeric can provide safe and efficacious alternative treatment to patients suffering from depression without any side effects.

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Heart Health Benefits of Turmeric

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Curcumin has positive effects on insulin sensitivity, which causes a reduction in triglyceride levels in the body. Researchers believe that it may just be the anti-inflammatory and insulin sensitizing properties that make turmeric so effective in warding off cardiovascular disease and strengthening the heart.

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Does Turmeric Kill Cancer?


Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and neutralizes those substances and conditions which can cause cancer. It helps a cell retain it’s integrity if threatened by carcinogens. Curcumins present in turmeric have the potential to destroy a tumor, if it does grow. Curcumin also completely blocks formation of the cancer causing enzyme (Topoisomerase).

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Can Turmeric Honey Mix Cure Cold Flu Symptoms?


Curcumin in turmeric, finds it’s use in therapeutic activities. The combination of

turmeric and honey is known as ‘Golden Honey’ which is a very effective natural remedy to treat ailments. Turmeric destroys bacteria that causes diseases and promotes the body’s natural defenses. ‘Golden Honey’ is great for digestion and increases beneficial flora in the gut. According to ayurveda, ‘Turmeric Golden Honey’ is the strongest antibiotic.

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Ways To Make Turmeric Part Of Your Daily Diet

The Amazing Healing Health Benefits Of Turmeric Tea


Tea is not only associated with brews concocted with tea leaves, but also pertains to herbs and spices steeped in water. It is not essential to drink tea made with exotic and expensive herbs in order to reap the benefits associated with tea. As a matter of fact, one of the most beneficial teas can be prepared with one inexpensive and easily available pantry staple called turmeric.

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How To Make Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Ginger Tea?


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Ginger and Turmeric when consumed together, can be a great cure for cold and flu. Turmeric contains an ingredient called curcumin, which helps cure inflammatory conditions like ulcerative colitis and osteoarthritis. Here is a recipe of anti-inflammatory turmeric ginger tea that can be extremely beneficial.

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How To Add Antioxidant-Rich Turmeric In A Smoothie?


We are all aware of the amazing healing properties of turmeric, and what could be better than starting your day with it! Here’s a recipe for an antioxidant packed turmeric smoothie you can start your day with!

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Turmeric Smoothie Recipe For Overall Health


Here is a perfect example of creating an absolutely delicious drink containing a number of healthy ingredients. Also, explore why ‘hiding’ a little turmeric in your smoothies is such

a great idea.

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Why Is Turmeric Milk Considered Beneficial For Health?


There are many health benefits attributed to this tasty beverage: antiseptic and analgesic properties to help relieve pain, detoxes the liver and helps to purify the blood, great for joint problems, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and it works really well for different skin problems too.

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Easy To Make Healing Turmeric Tonic Recipe


When teas are a no go, this healing turmeric tonic tends to be a wonderful alternative. This turmeric tonic is restorative and preventative and has far reaching health benefits for everyone. You can combine it with a cup of your favorite fruit juice or tea, if you find you are averse to the taste.

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