Truths About Your First Trimester That All Pregnant Women Should Prepare For

Congrats! You are all set to embrace motherhood. Even though you know the beautiful reward waiting for you at the end of the nine months, you may be a bit anxious about the discomforts that come with it. It is true that the first 12 weeks may not be that exciting for you.

The symptoms of pregnancy that you experience during the first trimester may make your days worse. As the good news is still a secret, you will have to hide these discomforts from your friends. In the process, you will learn a lot of things about pregnancy during these times. Well, here are 7 such truths about your first trimester that all pregnant women like you should prepare for.


1. You Will Be Panicked

Pregnancy is a period to celebrate. But, you may not be able to enjoy the first trimester full heartedly. Sometimes, you may become obsessed over negative thoughts. You start worrying about what could go wrong. Being concerned about miscarriage, every other symptom will worry you. It may take a while for you to settle in and start enjoying pregnancy.

2. You Will Be Exhausted

Nausea, vomiting, constipation, headaches, cramps, loss of appetite, too much of appetite – enough to exhaust you. It does not mean that you will have all of them. But, majority of pregnant women experience at least one of these symptoms. Even if you are not tired, you will enjoy some lazy moments lying on your bed. Because there’s no other reason as valid as pregnancy to rest well.


3. You Will Hate Going Out

You may not even want to get out of your home, especially when vomiting and nausea becomes a part of your life. Moreover, you will have to explain every one the reason for your sudden interest in nutritious food. And, your decision to stay away from alcohol will be another point of discussion among friends. You may not want to give them any hints now. So, for you, the best option would be to stay at home whenever possible to avoid unnecessary hassles.

4. You Will Rely On Online Advice

And that is what you are doing right now! You keep searching online about the first trimester and what to expect further in the second and the third trimester. You will fall in love with those online communities, which can offer you home remedies for every discomfort associated with the first trimester symptoms. Because, you cannot ask your friends yet as they are totally unaware of your little secret. And you can ask any dumb question in these communities without being judged by others. But, what about your doctor?


5. Yes, You May Get A Different Medical Advice

In many cases, suggestions from your doctor may be different from the advice you received online. Surprised? Shocked? Even though there are certain general rules of pregnancy, they differ depending on an individual. Your doctor’s opinion is entirely based on your pregnancy. Your healthcare provider has seen you and he/she knows what works for your body. Your doctor is bound to give you advice based on that and you will have to forget everything you read or heard from others and believe your doctor in the first place.

6. You Will Love Your Parents

Other than your partner, only they know your secret. The excited grandparents will go extra mile to ensure your comfort. And pregnancy will be a period of enlightenment for you. When you are pregnant, you will realize the troubles your parents had gone through to nurture you. Thus, you will fall in love with your parents, again!


7. You Will Spend More Time In The Loo

Frequent trips to the loo is an early symptom of pregnancy that every woman experiences. There is no escape from it. Blame it on your hormonal changes or your growing uterus. Sometimes, you may even feel like cutting down fluids. Never ever do that. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water is the golden rule of pregnancy. Also, accept the fact that it means you will have to visit the loo more often.