Truth About Your Top 7 Pregnancy Fears

Congratulations, you are pregnant! You are excited and happy when your doctor confirms the pregnancy. But, even before you leave the hospital, a few more emotions start creeping in. Yes, you become anxious, scared, and worried. You recollect whatever you have read and heard about pregnancy. Every piece of information becomes your fear. Well, it proves that you are well qualified to join the pregnancy club. Every expectant mom is driven by one fear or the other fear. However, the fact is that there is nothing in pregnancy that you need to be over anxious about. Here are a few things to reassure you.

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1.Birth Defects

Birth Defects:Truth About Your Top Pregnancy Fears

Down syndrome, spinabfida, cerebral palsy, and autism – these birth defects and much more scare you often. when you conceive, you are worried about your baby’s health. Relax. About 97 of every 100 babies born in the United States are healthy babies. Moreover, birth defects are identified early through various scans and tests. And some of the them such as club foot and webbed toes are minor and treatable.


Make sure that you provide your baby the nutrients it requires by having a healthy diet and taking prenatal vitamins. Take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid daily to reduce the risk of neural-tube defects. Remember, your anxiety may harm the baby. So, keep calm.

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Miscarriage:Truth About Your Top Pregnancy Fears

Let’s face the truth. Miscarriage is the most common kind of pregnancy loss. According to research studies, anywhere between 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies will end in miscarriage.1 Chromosomal abnormality is the cause of most miscarriages. And the fact is that you cannot do anything to prevent it.


Even though it is beyond your control, do not let the fear of losing your baby rule your mind. Think positively and focus on things under your control. Stay away from caffeine and nicotine. Drinking alcohol or smoking may increase your chances of having a miscarriage. However, consult your doctor, if you notice any bleeding or pain in early pregnancy. This is to make sure that everything is fine.

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3.Premature Labor

Premature Labor:Truth About Your Top Pregnancy Fears

Every expectant mom like you has a fear of preterm labor. Preterm birth is when a baby is born too early – before 37 weeks of pregnancy have been completed. The thought of your baby in the NICU may scare you. It is true that there is a slight increase in the national preterm birth rate from 2014 to 2015.2 However, an average woman should not worry about going into labor before 37 weeks.


Most cases, preterm labor happens to women who are already at the risk of it. When the pregnancy is with multiples or when the mom has certain uterine or cervical abnormalities, chances of preterm labor are high. If you belong to that category, your doctor might have warned you. This helps you take adequate measures to prepare for it. Obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes also contribute to premature labor. If you do not fall into any high-risk category, there is nothing for you to be scared of. Try to maintain a healthy weight and keep in touch with your doctor.

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4. Umbilical Cord Suffocation

Umbilical Cord Suffocation:Truth About Your Top Pregnancy Fears

As your pregnancy progresses, your friends may tell you stories about umbilical cord suffocation. The possibility of the umbilical cord getting wrapped around the baby’s neck gives you nightmares.

In fact, it is common during pregnancy. But, there is nothing to be worried about. The amniotic fluid provides enough of a buffer between the cord and the baby. In very rare situations, it can be serious. However, with health care professionals around you, nothing could go wrong.

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5.Never Ending Weight Gain

Never Ending Weight Gain:Truth About Your Top Pregnancy Fears

Ever wondered whether you will be able to shed those extra pounds you gained during pregnancy? There is nothing new about this. It is quite common to have the urge to get back to your old shape. However, realize that you cannot expect the weight that you put on during nine months to disappear overnight.

So, stop thinking about this. Let the baby arrive. Enjoy the wonderful moments of motherhood. Take your time to start working on reducing your weight. Follow instructions from your doctor. And do not compare yourself to other mommies who have successfully reduced their weight. Remember, everyone is unique and everyone loses weight at different paces.

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6.Painful Labor

Painful Labor:Truth About Your Top Pregnancy Fears

Everything about labor might be frightful to you. Reaching the hospital on time, early water breaking, and of course the pain – the list goes on. The childbirth is painful. It is a globally accepted truth.

Talk to your doctor about all the pain-relief options. Educate yourself about the risks and benefits associated with them. Learn about the stages of labor so that you do not get surprises as the labor progresses. If you are unaware of everything, at every stage you may doubt that something is wrong.

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7.Parenting Skill

Parenting Skill:Truth About Your Top Pregnancy Fears

As the baby arrives and you embrace motherhood, you become skeptical about your parenting skills. Whenever you look at your little one’s face, you think whether you deserve it.

You may not have changed a baby diaper before. From breastfeeding to burping to bathing your baby is new for you. It is true, like any first timer, you will have a tough time. But, there are no complications involved. It is all about you and your baby. Your maternal instincts will help you get there soon enough.

No one is ever able to sail through pregnancy without any anxiety. However, make sure it does not go out of control. Hold your nerve. Remind yourself of all these facts, so that it reduces the stress.