8 Triggers That Make You Want To Eat When You’re Not Actually Hungry

Do you need to eat or do you want to eat? It turns out hunger is not the only reason we eat food. Many of us stuff our faces with food when our bodies don’t really need it and the fact that food is so easily available doesn’t help us either. Eating food when your body doesn’t really need it is a sure path toward obesity. If you’re curious to find out what these triggers might be and want put a stop to them, read on.

1. Stress

Stress Causes Us To Seek Out Comfort Food

Many of us have food cravings during times of extreme stress. We may feel like the one thing that can lift our spirits when we’re upset is a large tub of chocolate ice-cream or a super cheesy pizza. Although eating comfort food may give us a temporary serotonin boost, it is not an ideal way to deal with stress. Frequent stress eating of unhealthy food will most definitely lead an individual toward weight gain.

2. Boredom

Keep Yourself Busy So That You Don’t Eat For Entertainment

As unlikely as it seems, many people eat when they’re bored. They have time to themselves and have nothing better to do so they they think to themselves, “might as well”. If you know that this is your trigger, keep yourself busy and don’t entertain yourself with food.

3. People Eating Around You

 Don’t Overeat Just Because People Around You Are Eating

Sometimes we eat because the people around us are eating. This makes us feel like we want food when we don’t actually need it. As much as we want to mimic the behavior of the people around us or just want be polite, ensure that you’re not overdoing it.

4. Addictive Nature Of Food

 Fast Food Is Designed To Leave Us Wanting More

Studies have shown that fast food advertisements, menus and pictorial representations can trigger overeating. Apart from this, fast food has been designed with just the right amount of salt and sugar that cause you to want more. Disciplining your mind is the only way to resist the hold that fast food has on us.

5. Filling An Emotional Void

Some People Eat To Appease An Emotional Issue

Some people may eat emotionally to escape from a harsh reality or to appease an emotional issue. They may eat food hoping to fill a void caused due to some other conflict in their lives. This pattern can be highly detrimental to both our mental and physical health and may cause the individual to develop a psychological dependency on the food. It is advisable to talk to a professional to fix the underlying issue that is causing you to eat.

6. It’s Just There

People May Eat Simply Because They See The Food

Gone are the days when mankind had to go out into the wild, find food, and participate in hard labor for sustenance. Today, food is so readily available, cheap, and many of us almost always have a refrigerator full of it. This access to food makes it harder to resist popping it into our mouths every time we see it. If you are aware that this is your trigger to eating when you’re not really hungry, make sure to replace unhealthy food with healthy treats.

7. It’s Time To Eat

 People Eat When It’s Time To Eat

Most of us eat because it’s time to eat. It may not occur to us to ask ourselves if we’re really hungry when the clock tells us that it’s time for a meal. We may have had a heavy lunch for example and can afford to skip our evening snack but relying on the clock without flexibility can cause us to overeat if we’re not careful.

8. You Don’t Want To Let It Go To Waste

People Eat In Order To Not Waste Food

Yes, food wastage is definitely a problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, “food waste is estimated at between 30-40 percent of the food supply”. Our parents may have taught us that we shouldn’t waste food because there were starving kids in Africa, but eating it all isn’t a solution to the problem either.