15 Simple Tricks To Help You Stop Fidgeting With Your Hair

Many of us have an irritating habit of pulling our hair from time to time. Is it productive at all? Of course, not! However, we just cannot stop fidgeting with our hair and keep pulling it. If you are a victim of this habit and want to get rid of it soon, try these tricks and you will surely succeed.

1. A Bandana Or A Hoodie

Wear a bandana to bed so that you don’t keep pulling your hair before you fall asleep or while you are sleeping. A hoodie that will completely cover your hair will also help you not to pull your hair much.

2. Sticker Chart

Make a sticker chart where you go and add a sticker on the days when you don’t pull your hair. Also, hang this chart in a room where you tend to pull your hair the most.

3. Reward Yourself

Every day you don’t pull your hair, reward yourself with something you like. It might be a chocolate, a piece of cake, or a nice selfie taken. It could even be small gifts to yourself in the initial days.

4. Learn What You Need

Whenever you feel like pulling your hair, ask yourself what else do you need. Ask yourself if you need food, sleep, or any kind of excitement. Tell yourself loud what else do you need and get it done.

5. Avoid Caffeine

Avoid caffeine before you go to bed. It increases your anxiety, keeps you up till late, and the tendency to pull your hair as well.

6. A Fidget Toy

Buy yourself a fidget toy so that you stop fidgeting with your hair. If not a fidget toy, you can buy yourself a bead bracelet as well to fidget with.

7. Small Goals

Make small and reasonable goals to keep you from pulling your hair. For example, tell yourself that you will gift yourself something if you don’t pull your hair in the next four hours. Once those four hours are successfully over, keep the word you gave yourself.

8. Exposure Therapy

Stand in front of the mirror and look at your hair with your hands behind your back. Keep staring into the mirror until the anxiety to pull your hair is lessened. This is called exposure therapy.

9. Scented Hands

Wear a perfume on your hands that stays for quite some time. Every time your hand is going up to pull your hair, the scent will make you realize about it and help you bring your hand down.

10. Care For Your Hair

Start loving your hair. Take good care of it, such as oiling, brushing it daily, washing it thoroughly, using serum, etc. When you start taking care of your hair, you will appreciate it more and more. In this way, you will start respecting your hair and wouldn’t want to keep pulling it all the time.

11. Brush Your Hair

Start brushing your hair often. If required, buy yourself a few hair brushes of different shapes and sizes and those that are bright in color. Every time you feel like pulling it, brush your hair with one of those pretty brushes.

12. Pet Your Furry Friend

If you like to have pets, this would be a very effective way to stop pulling your hair. Pet your furry animal and run through its hair whenever you have the tendency to pull your hair. Your anxiety will be reduced when you the pet’s fur gives you the same sensation.

13. Pictures Of Bald Spots

Take many pictures of the bald spots on your head. Stick them in the places of your home where you usually pull your hair. Looking at these pictures will make you feel bad about the bald spots and have a psychological effect to not pull your hair.

14. Notes That Say “No”

Put up notes saying “No” and inspirational sayings about stopping the pulling of hair in the places of your home where you usually pull. It will help you keep your hands away from your hair.

15. Ask Your Loved Ones To Stop You

Tell your friends and family about you wanting to stop the irritating habit of pulling your hair. Ask them to stop you every time they see you pulling your hair. This will surely help you a lot in getting rid of the habit completely and sooner.