Trevor’s Emotional Heart Transplant Success Was Captured For The World To See


As a typical mid-teen, Trevor was the fun-loving, jokester, who was always active. But soon enough, he started to feel a little ill when he was playing football, but his parents and himself, brushed it off as the season’s allergies. Within the next 6 months, he fell sick again but since it was the peak of winter, they assumed it was just the winter flu, especially being the snowy state of Michigan.1

Close to a month after that, Trevor gained about 12 pounds and felt a sharp pain in his body. Thinking it could be a ruptured appendix, they rushed him to the nearest hospital. Upon discovery, the hospital’s cardiologists said that his heart was weak and he was then picked up by a helicopter and flown to the University of Michigan’s

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor.2

Trevor was said to be suffering from cardiomyopathy, which is a condition when the heart swells ups and is almost disabled from pumping blood throughout the body effectively. His heart had enlarged to the extent that there was no space left in his entire left chest cavity and it was slowly occupying space in the right.


Trevor was immediately put on the organ donor needed list and was in wait for a donor and a heart transplant. While waiting, he was visiting the hospital almost every day throughout the year.

It was becoming harder and harder for Trevor to withstand, as his heart was weighing down his other organs such as the lungs, making breathing a trying task in itself, let alone pumping blood in his body. All Trevor had throughout these months

was pain with some hope.

And close to the end of the year, Trevor received a heart donor and was rushed to surgery the very next day. Keeping the identity of the donor anonymous, Trevor and his family only knew that the heart they got was from someone young and good strong muscle-power.

After his heart transplant, Trevor woke up with tears in his eyes, grateful to whoever enabled him to live again, and his dad captured the entire moment on camera.

Trevor said in a voice choked with tears and overcome with happiness, “I’ve waited so long. I’m so happy. I can breathe again and can talk.”

He was released from the hospital about 2 weeks later, and besides some temporary sort of diabetes derived from steroid medication, he has been recovering amazingly since. Now focusing on boosting his immunity, he returned to school within the next few months.


The video taken of Trevor was posted on the Facebook page, “Gift of

Life Michigan,” and it got about 1.2 million views. Trevor’s father posted it on other social media sites such as, the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Donate Life America.

The Facebook responses moved Trevor and his family immensely, which inspired them to do something more about it.

Seeing it as a calling, they started to create awareness about organ donations and show people out there how it could give someone a new lease of life.

This throws light on a broader realization, among the many bodies that are buried or cremated out there with good functioning organs, there is someone in a hospital dying and desperately in need of one of them.

And there are even some famous Bollywood celebrities, such as, Pink Panther 2’s, Aishwarya Rai, signing up for donating her eyes among other organs, to do her part.

So, maybe we could take a page out and pass our baton for survival to someone else, in that way.