Easy Ways To Treat Yeast Infection With Oregano Oil

Yeast infection affects over 75% women in the world.

At least at some point in their lives, 75% of the women in the world get affected by yeast infection. It is caused by the yeast called candida albicans which is present in the human body already. The good bacteria in our bodies keep candida albicans under control, and when our immunity weakens, the candida albicans grow uncontrollably resulting in yeast infection. Some symptoms of yeast infection are itching, fluid discharge, burning sensation, and pain while urinating or intercourse. Those people who suffer from diabetes and stress, have high estrogen levels, or have poor eating habits, are prone to develop yeast infection.

Oregano oil has proved to have effective results in countering yeast infection. It contains antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating yeast infection. It is antiseptic in nature and also contain two naturally occurring antimicrobial agents called carvacrol and thymol to prevent and cure yeast infection.

How To Treat Yeast Infection With Oregano Oil At Home?

Oregano oil is helpful in treating yeast infection.

One can incorporate oregano oil in one’s routine life to treat yeast infection effectively. Including probiotics in your diet can boost the effectiveness of oregano oil remedies and control yeast infection to a great extent.

Consumption Of Oregano Oil Orally

If you consume oregano oil orally, your immune system is boosted and helps in treating the yeast infection from the inside of your body.

Process 1: Only Oil

1. Mix 3 drops of oregano oil in a glass of water.
2. Drink it slowly.
3. Repeat this process daily.
4. Increase the amount of oregano oil to 6 drops gradually if there is no burning sensation in the mouth.

Process 2: Oregano Oil Gel

1. Find oregano oil soft gels that contain 230 ml oregano oil.
2. Take one soft gel after meal daily.
3. Increase it 2 soft gels per day gradually.

Process 3: Oregano Oil With Olive Oil

1. Take 1 drop oregano oil and mix it with ½ a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.
2. Drink the mixture.
3. Repeat the process daily.
4. You may also use coconut oil or water instead of olive oil.

Topical Application Of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil can be directly applied on the affected areas.

1. Take a small amount of oregano oil.
2. Apply it on your yeast-affected areas.
3. Repeat the application twice daily.

Oregano Oil With Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil

Oregano oil can be used with coconut oil or olive oil.

Those who have a sensitive skin might feel a sense of discomfort when oregano oil is applied directly on the skin as heat will be produced. You may use coconut oil or olive oil along with oregano oil in such cases.

1. Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil.
2. Add 1-2 drops of oregano oil and mix it.
3. Apply the mixture on the yeast-affected areas.
4. Leave it to dry.
5. Repeat this process twice daily.
6. Alternatively, you may use almond oil or tea tree oil instead of coconut oil or olive oil.

Oregano Oil Treatment For Oral Thrush

Oral thrush can be cured with oregano oil added to coconut oil.

When one gets white patches in the mouth with a cottony feeling on the tongue that causes an inability to get proper taste of food, it is due to oral thrush. Oral thrush is also caused by the yeast candida albicans and can be cured with oregano oil.

1. Take some coconut oil in a glass and add a few drops of oregano oil to it.
2. Mix it well and take the swish your mouth with the mixture for 2-3 minutes.
3. Spit it out and rinse it off with water.
4. Open an oregano oil capsule and put the contents on your toothbrush.
5. Brush your teeth well and rinse your mouth with water.
6. Add few drops of oregano oil to a cup of water and mix well.
7. Swish your mouth with it and rinse with water after a few minutes.
8. Take 2 oregano oil capsules daily and twice a day.

Oregano Oil For Yeast Infection On The Skin

Oregano oil is used in bathwater to treat yeast infection on the skin.

Yeast infection can happen on the skin of other parts of the body as well. Oregano oil is quite helpful in treating yeast infection on the thighs, under the breasts, between the toes and fingers too. To treat yeast infection on the skin, add a few drops of oregano oil to your bathwater and soak your body for a few minutes to get rid of the infection. You may also dilute the oregano oil with coconut oil or almond oil. Apply the mixture all over the affected areas and leave it to dry. Rinse with water later. For the best results, repeat the process daily.