Top 7 Things That Make A Pregnant Woman Feel Really Uncomfortable

The word uncomfortable during pregnancy is a collation of all the moments of discomfort that a mother often undergoes but doesn’t tell openly. In the name of carrying a baby, these bothersome and awkward instances can make her feel she has been given the most difficult job in the world—not always, but at times things might get annoying and unsettling.

How? You may ask. Here are 7 times a pregnant woman says she is uncomfortable and she is actually dealing with a lot in her head and her body.


1. Keeping Her Pregnancy A Secret

It isn’t about the urge to give away your own secret (though we do sometimes fail at that), it is about going to the bathroom multiple times to vomit and, then, to pee, hoping that nobody gets a hint about what is happening. It is also about avoiding to gag at the smell of certain foods while you are at a friend’s place for dinner.

How difficult it is to pretend that you are not in a mood to drink when you have been regularly involved in the Friday night plans with your girlfriends?—the answer is very!


These uncomfortable moments can often happen in the early weeks where a slip of tongue could give away your secret when you still don’t want to share the news with the world.

2. The First Appointment

Your first prenatal visit could be a combination of nervousness and excitement, at times, discomfort. Questions like ‘does it smell bad down there’  could sound awkward to any woman even when asked by the doctor.


How can we skip the pelvic exam, including the pap smear test which involves collecting a sample of cells from the cervix to rule out the risks of cancer—though quick and painless, it could be too much awkwardness and discomfort for the first appointment.

3. Feet Swollen You Now Walk Like A Penguin

You might have a read about the increase in foot size during pregnancy, but it is different when you actually experience it. Forget heels, wearing slippers is all that you will want in the name of some comfort.


If somebody might ask you what happened to your gait? You might respond saying you gained 25 pounds and baby is making you do it all.

4. Picking Up Something

You know what is uncomfortable, not the backaches and cramps, but tying the laces of your footwear. Even more, it is picking up those keys that jumped out of your hand and are now mocking you from the ground level.


Bending down isn’t as easy with a big belly protruding in front of you and even the simplest things seem difficult. So you just stare at the car keys for more than 2 seconds before attempting to pick them up once again.

5. Sleeping

Who would have thought that sleeping could luxury during pregnancy? Managing to get comfortable in the bed with n number of pillows tucked in between the legs, under the belly and feet, behind the back.


When you think you are in the most comfortable position and about to fall into deep sleep, the baby becomes active and starts kicking and poking you from the inside.

6. People Touching Your Belly

Clearly, that feels invasive. Even friends repeatedly touching your belly don’t make it comfortable for the mother. Unless they first ask her whether it is okay for them to touch her belly they shouldn’t.


Even worse is strangers doing it after asking a number of questions about your pregnancy and sharing their own stories—excuse me, but we didn’t ask for that. If the unwanted opinions, advice and that touching are not uncomfortable, then what is?

7. When You Are Past Your Due Date

A woman patiently waits for 9 long months to have her baby in her arms and not having to roam around with that huge belly. Being overdue can make her impatient and worried. As the days pass by, the physical discomforts also seem to get intense as the belly grows.

Over that, if the friends and peers come up with awkward questions like “you didn’t have your baby yet!” then you are prone to feel worse if not uncomfortable.

Labor and delivery offer a different level of discomfort and the description would probably take a lot more space. Let us know what made you uncomfortable during your pregnancy?