The Top Household Toxins You Should Eliminate!

So many of us are on a constant quest to make sure we are leading healthy lives, and as part of that, we often want the greenest, safest homes possible.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of hidden dangers lurking in our homes that we may not even be aware of.


If you have children some of the toxins on this list can be particularly dangerous, but even if you do not, they can be a significant obstacle to your goal of having a clean, green home.

These toxins contain chemicals, and can damage not just your health, but also the environment, particularly if they are not properly disposed of.


4 Household Toxins You Should Banish From Your Home

1. Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are supposed to do what they say which is alleviate bacteria and other germs and viruses. Unfortunately, many household cleaners are actually destroying your efforts to have a healthier house.

These cleaners often have very harsh products in them that can lead to everything from respiratory issues to increasing your likelihood of getting certain types of cancer.


The best thing you can do for your home, your health, and your family, is to get rid of these store-bought cleaning products and instead rely on common household items.

Some of the best natural cleaning products you can use include white vinegar, fresh lemons, and baking soda.


2. Vinyl

You probably have loads of vinyl throughout your home and do not even realize it. Your floor could be vinyl, your shower curtains, or any number of other things.

So what is the problem with vinyl? Many environmental health groups feel it is incredibly toxic because of the chemicals used to create this synthetic product.


These chemicals have been linked to everything from obesity to hormone disruption.

You can opt for furnishing and décor that are made from natural fibers and products, and if you have the opportunity to replace flooring you can go with real wood or an eco-friendly bamboo.


3. Prescription Medicines

If you have unused or expired bottles of prescription medicines lying around, it is time to get rid of them.

Not only can prescription medicine be bad for your own health in many instances, but it can also be harmful or even deadly if your children have access.1


If you have prescription medicines in your home that need to be thrown away, contact a medical waste company or your local health care provider for instructions on the best way to do that.

Any kind of medical or prescription waste that is improperly disposed of can mean you are contributing to environmental destruction.

Some communities have drug take-back programs to address this issue as well.

4. Nonstick Pots And Pans

Those nonstick pots and pans might seem so easy to clean, but the consequences probably are not worth it.

These are a huge source of toxins for many American families, and you may be surprised to learn these products have even been linked to infertility.2

Rather than relying on nonstick pots and pans, try to use cast iron, stainless steel or glass.

If you do have nonstick pans and you start to see visible scratches or wear and tear, it is definitely time to throw them out.