Top 7 Herbs For Weight Loss

Over the decades, the herbs have been on the frontline of healthcare services and have rescued several persons from different ailments and even deaths. There have been various researches regarding the usefulness and medical benefits of herbs. It has been established that various herbs could be used in different ways to cure several ailments like diarrhea, malaria, fever, and others are relevant for weight reduction.

Do you want to lose weight? The main processes to adopt for weight reduction are by checkmating your appetite and eating habits and increasing your physical activity level to enhance metabolism.


7 Herbs For Weight Loss

Here, we are going to look into the top seven herbs that you can use for weight loss. They have the general features of increasing your metabolic rate and burning out fats easily.

1. Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is loaded with tons of antioxidants that have the capacity to increase your metabolic processes and burns out fats in the body. It helps to reduce weight and enhances your total well-being. It is a colored tea from the herbal plant of the hibiscus flower.


This tea reputed for weight loss can reduce excess water from the body, as it has a natural diuretic effect. Excess carbohydrate leads to much weight. Therefore, it prevents the absorption of carbohydrate through the action of phaseolamin.

2. Damiana

You can find this shrub in Mexico, America, and West Indies, and it is also called ‘turneradiffusa’. Damiana can aid in bowel movement and cleansing producing a healthy internal system. It can produce thermogenic effects resulting in reduced appetite if combined with yerba mate and guarana.


3. Gymnema

Originally, this herb was used for curing arthritis and diabetes. GymnemaSylvestre could be found in the tropical forests of Asia and India. Researchers have proved that Gymnema has the potentials to reduce weight by minimizing the absorption of sugar in the blood and suppressing appetite and hunger. It has been revealed that Gymnemic acids have the propensity to reduce body weight.

4. Ginseng

The botanical name for ginseng is ‘panax’ meaning ‘all curing’ translated from the Greek language. Originally, ginseng has been in the history of Chinese medicine for over three thousand years. Ginseng is also used as a weight loss therapy because it contains raw saponins that prevent the metabolism of carbohydrates. It activates the hypothalamic neuropeptides and another serum biochemical that help in the regulation of obesity in the body.


5. Guggul

Guggul is one of the top plants which are relevant in the process of weight loss. It could be seen in places like North Africa and India. You can also call it Commiphorawightii, and it can grow in warm environments.

This plant contains a substance known as guggulsterone, which has the potential to lower blood lipids and checkmate the cholesterol levels in your body. You can also use guggul to enhance the metabolism of fats and oil, and it facilitates quick excretion of cholesterol from the body, thereby giving you a slim body physique.


6. Green Tea Extracts

Have you ever enjoyed green tea? Green tea is a herb with substances that can enhance your good health as it helps you to reduce weight drastically. It has bioactive elements like caffeine, which helps to stimulate the metabolism of fats in the body. There are antioxidants called catechins that aid the dissolution of fats in the blood.

7.  Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is also another good herbal tea that can be used for weight loss, but it is vital not to overdose this substance to avoid any health hazard. During physical activities and exercises, green tea can help to increase the rate of calorie burn.