3 Top Benefits Of Face Yoga For Beautiful Skin

If you are like most women, I’m sure you spend time in the mornings, gazing in the mirror and judging your face for wrinkles, loose skin and droopy eyes. Maybe, you wonder what you can do today to reduce the signs of stress and ageing so you can feel more attractive, look vibrant, healthier and even younger. Facial yoga can be the something that you have been searching for. And in this article, you’ll discover three top benefits of practicing facial yoga for healthy, glowing skin.

What Is Face Yoga?

face yoga helps you relax and calm the skin and energize the face


If you are a bit skeptical, and feel only surgical intervention and expensive skin care products can help you “look younger”, then you are in for a treat. Your skin is constantly exposed to toxins and pollution, whether through poor eating habits, central heating, car fumes or even been out in the sun without protection. From a yogic perspective, good health and vibrant skin comes from within. That post-yogic glow is available to you, 24/7 when you practice face yoga exercises. Yogis believe that good health and skin care come from.

  • Your daily habits of caring naturally for yourself,
  • Through practicing yoga,
  • Eating wholesome foods,
  • Drinking water,
  • Rest and relaxation,
  • Breathing exercises and
  • Meditation.

Combined, these yogic practices lead to healthy looking skin. Your face consists of a range of muscles and bones which help to give shape and structure to your face. True beauty, from a yogic perspective is the inner glow and smile and aura of positive energy you radiate, which is often reflected in your skin. Facial yoga exercises help tone and tighten these muscles, which, with continued practice, help to support your skin and prevent sagging.


Three Top Benefits Of Practicing Face Yoga For Healthy Skin

1. Helps Cut Down On Your Expenses

face yoga helps cut down the expenses

Unlike most high-end range skin care creams and products on the market, your greatest investment in doing face yoga is time. It is recommended by yoga experts that 10 to 15 minutes per day, practicing facial exercises, will help to lift, tone and rejuvenate even the most tired, grey looking skin.


2. Helps Relax Your Facial Muscles

face yoga helps relax the facial muscles with massages

Your face and eyes tend to reflect how you feel. If you have ever felt tense and stressed-out, your face tends to get contorted and “ugly looking”. Just like the yoga you do for your body, when you practice face yoga, you increase the blood flow to your skin, which allows more oxygen and nourishment to reach the cells of the skin. Your facial muscles relax as your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in. This helps to release tension in your face and promotes a smoother, stress-free complexion.


3. Promotes Better Body Awareness and Self-Love

face yoga helps promote body awareness and self love

A major benefit of practicing facial yoga is it helps you to connect with your inner beauty and see yourself in a more positive, life affirming way. As you practice the exercises, you feel good and more aware of your everyday facial expressions and posture. Most people have habitual facial expressions and facial movements when anxious and stressed, such as biting your cheek, cocking your head whilst raising your eyebrow or even a down-turned mouth. Over time, these facial expressions become ingrained habits which negatively distort the shape and structure of your face. You often aren’t aware that you have these facial patterns. Practicing yoga, makes you more sensitive and aware of your facial expressions so you can consciously relax and choose more open facial expressions.


Closing Thoughts

As you can see, facial yoga offers you a natural and holistic approach to care for your skin. To wrap up, facial yoga works and helps you to learn how to relax your facial muscles, the techniques are easy to learn, affordable and promotes a deeper sense of self love and appreciation. Give it a go and let us know how great you feel.