Breathe, Relax For Everything Would Be A-Okay During Childbirth

No one can say that giving birth is easy. How much ever have you prepared yourself for all kinds of possibilities, there is bound to be something that would throw you a curve ball. You cannot blame anyone and worse, you might freak out about giving birth. But here’s the fun fact, most of these fears is completely manageable and not really worth panicking over.


Fear: Not Being Able To Make It On Time

Most women freak out once their water breaks. They run helter-skelter and think that they would never reach their hospital on time. Worse, they think that might have to give birth in the car with little or no help from their birthing partner. Another scare that follows this up is the fear of not having your doctor (that you have chosen) reach on time.

Truth: Most women have an average labor spanning 8 hours which means you can safely reach the hospital before your baby starts to peek. Additionally, before your baby actually makes an entrance, you would also have some tell-tale signs, like intense back pain, cramps, steady contractions, etc. so head to the hospital if you are going through any of these. Remember to time your contractions, for once the interval is five mins or less, its game on! Also, hospitals and birthing centers have alternate doctors ready if for some reason the doctor assigned to you cannot make it on time.

Fear: Pooping While You Push

Here’s the truth, for you, poor momma-to-be, you alone would be worrying about this in the delivery room. It’s completely okay to poop while you’re pushing your baby out. We agree, you might feel humiliated but trust me, everyone else is out there to clean it even before you realize what happened. Moreover, you poop because of the contractions which means that you are actually going to give birth, and that too soon!

Fear: Labor Pain Would Be Unbearable

Every time that you read about childbirth, your brain would be hardwired to think about the pain. It is actually terrifying to feel the immense pain that you would be bearing.

Here’s the truth, your body is well prepared to handle that. For most part, once you are into labor, the endorphins would start kicking in and your body would take over. In any case that you are tired of the labor dragging on for hours, go ahead scream out for the drugs (of course talk to your doctor about the options available way before your due date). In case you are still in two minds about the drugs you would be inducing yourself and your baby with, there are also some pretty awesome pain management techniques available. Check them out and consult your doctor in case you have any queries.

Fear: Epidural Won’t Work

Its normal for new mommies to be scared of the labor pain, however, if your epidural doesn’t work the first time, chances are that the doctor would give you another one, soon.

Fear: I Will Change Forever

Most women opting for vaginal birth freak out at the thought they would never be the same down under. Their partners would not want them and everything would hurt.

Why you shouldn’t fear is because our body is highly elastic during childbirth. No matter what the weight of the baby, there are usually no tears or stitches or cuts. The hormones relaxin and estrogen prepares the body for the normal birth, furthermore, your vagina would heal within few weeks.

Fear: Partner Passing Out During Labor

Most women think that their partner will not be able to handle the blood and gore of childbirth. But the truth is, the partners do just fine. However, to prevent any untoward situation give them a PG-13 heads up of what they have signed up for.

Fear: C-Section Means That I Have Failed As A Mother

There are new mommies who are apprehensive of surgeries and think that if they need C-section, it’s because they did something really wrong during their pregnancy. What you need to know is that doctors call for C-section only when its complicated or you are going to have multiples, not because they are needle-happy.

Talk to your doctor about the possible complications that may arise during your childbirth and ensure to know everything regarding what C-section would involve like healing time etc. Recovery with C-section and a new borne baby takes time, but do inform your partner about possibilities (if any) and take as much rest as possible.

Pregnant ladies fret the most about labor day and it is completely okay. Talk to your doctor and partner about all the possibilities and stay un-fazed because you are in the best of care. Have an amazing motherhood!