Top 5 Dangerous Emotional Vampires You Should Stay Away From In Life

Let’s face it, humans are social animals. It is hard to go on with your life without the presence and influence of others. Spouses, family, friends and colleagues play an important role in determining your happiness. If you have been experiencing negative vibes constantly when in the presence of certain people, it is high time that you assessed your relationships with them. Here’s a list of five types of emotional vampires you come across in life and how to deal with them.

1. The “Me, Myself, And I” Bandwagon


They love themselves and want everyone else to love them too. Narcissists make every single thing in life about them. It is literally impossible for them to imagine a world that does not revolve around them. Such people lack empathy, and fail to see what happens in the lives of the people around them.

How To Deal With Them:

It is best to keep things realistic with this lot. Do not get emotionally involved with

them, or you will regret later. The best way to effectively communicate with such people is by pointing out how they can benefit from something- they will do anything if it works out to their advantage.

2. The Ear Eaters


Conversations are fun, but not so much when they are one-sided. If you are close to someone who only loves to talk and never listens, then it’s time you kept some distance. Such people hardly give you a chance to express your opinions or feelings. You may not even notice it at the beginning, but little by little you will realize how it’s never your turn to talk or emote.

How To Deal With Them:

Keep your conversations short with such people. If you are close to a talker, then try to make them understand that you need a chance to talk too. Talkers are not harmless people, they are just a tad bit dense and self-obsessed.

3. The Theater Folk

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One good thing about dramatic people is how life would never be boring with them in your lives. But how much drama could a single person deal with? If you have a someone in your life who blows every single thing out of proportion, then you need some new friends. Life is too short to be wasted tending to drama.

How To Deal With Them:

Don’t. The best way to deal with such people is to not deal with them at all, unless you want to witness some more drama. Take a few deep breaths, tune out the noise and wait until they are done to excuse yourself from the scene.

4. The Convenient Talkers


Ever come across people who are always absent when you need them but magically appear when they need a favor from you? Everyone will be familiar with such opportunists who only talk to you

when you are needed. This lot is the worst as they merely pretend to care to get something out of you and then act like you never exist afterwards.

How To Deal With Them:

You always need to be on guard when handling opportunists. You never know when they will blindside you and pounce upon you, asking for a favor. It is advised that you keep a distance from such people and mind your own business. No good ever comes from empathizing with opportunists.

5. The Weeping Banshees


We all have one or two in our lives who cannot deal with their own problems and have to go cry to everyone, thirsting for sympathy. They drain all happiness from you with their self-pitying attitude, and make you feel guilty for everything good that happens in your life. These people are hard to cut off as they emotionally manipulate you to stay with them.

How To Deal With Them:

This is a tough call as it is

hard to let go of people who are emotionally dependent on you. But if you ever get the feeling that they are constantly bringing you down, make it a point to set some boundaries. It is okay to help out others, but always keep your well-being in mind too.