Top 10 Bad Habits That Damage Your Hair

Strong, healthy hair is something all men and women yearn for alike. There are many who would go to any lengths to maintain their hair beautiful-oil massages, rubbing onion on the scalp, eating curry leaves, pouring tea on the hair, making egg masks…the list is endless. But often, all you need to keep your hair healthy is to put an end to some of the poor hair care habits you follow. Here are 10 things you need to stop doing right now.

1. Showering In Hot Water


This is a strict no-no. Hot water will rob your scalp and hair strands of all the essential oils, and leave your hair brittle and dull. Make it a point to rinse your hair in cold water, and to tie your hair up in a bun if your feel the need for a steamy shower.

2. Prolonged Exposure To Chlorine Water


If you have the habit of taking frequent swims in public pools or taking showers in water that has high chlorine levels, then you are slowly killing your hair. Do use a swimming cap while you visit pools, and make it a point to test the pH levels of your house water before you start using it.

3. Teasing



Constantly teasing or backcombing your hair in the name of fashion could lead to damaged hair structure and split ends. Teasing can cause to lift up the hair follicles, thus damaging the natural fibers of protein they contain.

4. Over Washing


Washing your hair every single day might sound hygienic, but is not exactly healthy for your hair. Constant exposure to shampoos and conditioners could mess with the natural texture of your hair. Additionally, this will also remove the essential oils that are produced by your scalp to keep your hair strong and shiny.

5. Overstyling


Experimenting with your hair to keep up with the trends is not a very good idea if you genuinely love your hair. Straightening, curling, coloring, blow drying are all habits that are extremely harmful for your hair. The constant shape-shifting and the heightened exposure to chemicals will make your hair weak and listless.

6. Poor Eating Habits


If you are someone who is not very health conscious when it comes to food, chances are that your hair is suffering. You need to follow a diet filled with proteins, amino acids, iron, and serum zinc to promote good hair health.

7. Brushing While Hair Is Still Wet


Ever noticed how more hair comes out of your scalp when you try to brush it right after you have had a shower? When wet, your hair strands are more fragile and vulnerable. It is best to wait till your hair is dry, or to just comb it instead of brushing to prevent more hair fall.

8. Sleeping With Open Hair


This is mostly applicable to women and men with long hair. Put your hair in a loose braid before going off to bed to find less hair strands on your pillow the next morning. You tend to move your head a lot while sleeping, which would cause the loose hair strands to come out easily.

9. Tight Hair Styles


If you have the habit of pulling back your hair in tight buns, braids, or ponytails, you need to stop immediately. Your hair and scalp will be under a lot of pressure when you opt for tight hairstyles, making your hair follicles weak. Not to mention how it will cut off blood circulation to your scalp and even cause headaches.

10. Lack Of Sleep


Sleep is an important factor that promotes hair health.If you are under too much stress or prefer to stay up late at nights, then make sure you make up for all the lost sleep in one way or the other. Sleep is when your hair grows longer and the body produces many oils that are necessary for healthy skin as well as hair.