9 Strange Things Your Dog Does And Why

When it comes to communicating with their humans, dogs can be quite expressive. That’s why it’s so much easier to read a dog than deciphering what a cat is thinking. However, dogs also have their share of strange behaviors and you might have seen him do it all the time wondering why your pooch acts this way. Well, here are answers to 9 weird dog behavior questions that most humans have.

1. Sniffs Other Dogs’ Butts



As embarrassing as it is, you just need to live with the fact that this is how dogs say hello to each other. In the world of dogs, this a social greeting and he finds nothing wrong with it. It also has to do with the fact that a dog’s ability to smell is 10,000 times better than a human’s. And he’s probably getting more info from the other dog’s butt than you can ever know.

2. Eats Poop



The medical term for eating poop is coprophagy. Though it looks gross to you, it is possible that your dog is not getting enough food. Or that the food he’s being given lacks in key nutrients. It also maybe because he just wants to explore and have fun. In any case, your vet would be the best person to help you with this.

3. Walks In Circles Before Lying Down



According to behaviorists, long before dogs were domesticated, they roamed and lived like wolves do today. The action of walking in a circle before lying down in bed was to pat down the grass, leaves or other debris to create a nice nesting spot. So this is just a habit that’s being carried forward from your dog’s wolf days.

4. Tilts His Head



Dogs tend to tilt their head to the side when you’re talking to them or making funny noises. While the exact reason behind why dogs cock their heads to the side is not known, behaviorists attribute it to your dog trying to make sense of what he hears. Your dog could also be trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. However, if your dog is tilting his head without a trigger, it could be because of a medical condition.

5. Chases His Tail



Usually, chasing his tail is a fun way for your dog to burn that extra energy. But if he’s doing it all the time, he may have anal gland problems or flea allergy dermatitis. The reason could also be psychological. Your dog might have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Yes, dogs can have OCD too. In any case, if your dog is obsessed with tail-chasing, talk to your vet.

6. Howls



Dogs have descended from wolves, and wolves howl to send messages to their pack members who might be far away. If your dog is howling, it’s because certain genetic traits from the wolf in him are manifesting. Behaviorists believe that dogs howl out of their instinct and they find it to be quite rewarding.

7. Licks You



Licking is your dog’s way of showing affection and most people find nothing wrong with it. Animal behavior specialists also say that licking is a sensory tool for dogs just like you would reach out and touch something. Your dog could also have learned this habit from his mother as a grooming activity. So licking is perfectly normal for your dog.

8. Stares At You


If you find your dog always staring at you, the most likely reasons could be the expectation of a treat or wanting praise from you. He’s basically looking for some love and attention. Some dogs also consider direct eye contact to be threatening. Before your gaze back at him, make sure he’s not staring out of aggression.

9. Humps Everything In Sight


Though you might think that your dog is humping because he is in heat, humping your leg, other dogs, or household objects is not always for sexual reasons. Neutered and spayed dogs are humping mostly to get attention. The best way to deal with it is to ignore this behavior or give your dog an exciting new toy.