7 Tips To Get You Pumped Up For A Morning Workout

Do you feel super motivated to work out every time you see a sports movie? Or maybe when you see someone cycle to work or even a friend who has lost a lot of weight? Chances are that you have promised yourself to start exercising in the mornings (when it’s best for the body to workout) over a hundred times. But when the time comes, you just can’t get yourself out of bed.

Here are a few things that can help get you off the bed in the morning and into the gym.


1. Try Visual Thinking

Before sleeping, picture yourself waking up to exercise in the morning

The next time you are reaching out to the hit the snooze button, try visual thinking. Picture waking up feeling refreshed, getting ready, and having a great workout. Also, imagine the feeling of achievement you would have you have sweated it out. Once you can visualize this, it will be much easier to make it happen.


2. Note Your Reasons Down

Note Your Reasons Down

You might go to bed highly motivated for a run in the morning, but that motivation may be nowhere to be found when you are warm in bed in the morning and the prospect of getting up seems way too much. Here is something you can try: Find a sticky-note and write down two reasons you want to start working out in the morning and stick the note on your alarm clock (or somewhere you wouldn’t miss when you wake up). You can also find plenty of motivational phrases on the internet that may be useful. Jotting down a note to yourself and reading it when you wake up may just be the pick-me-up you need while you are contemplating whether to get up or not.


3. Make It Difficult For You To Sleep In

place the alarm across the room so that you have to get up

Don’t place your alarm right next to the bed since there are more chances of you just switching it off, turning over and going back to your dreams. If you place it across the room, when it goes off, you will have to get out of bed. That’s one step closer to your workout. Remember, starting is the hardest part of working out. Also, make sure that you switch on the lights and play some tunes in your room so that you really wake up. To get yourself moving and the heart pumping, do a minute of jumping jacks or jogging in place. Try these tricks to make sure that you are out of bed no matter how sleepy you are.


4. Prepare The Day Before

lay out everything you need for the workout the previous night

Start the day off by not having to think about your clothes and other necessities. Before sleeping, lay out your workout clothes, shoes, water bottle, energy bar, and whatever else you might need so that you are out of the door as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Some people find it easier to sleep in their workout clothes. Ideally, you should be ready in less than 10 minutes for your workout.


5. Fuel Your Body

drink water and have a snack before exercising

Your body is deprived of food and water for the eight hours that you sleep, so make sure that you drink some water and eat something before exerting yourself. Drink at least two glasses of water and a snack. The snack should ideally be simple carbohydrates because they are digested fast and provide energy quickly. A fresh fruit, dried fruit, granola bar, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, and toast are all great examples of snacks you can grab in the morning.


When you eat and drink something, you will not only feel more energized, but your workout will be that much better. You will also kickstart your metabolism when you do this. A snack, however, should only be a snack. Make sure it is light and that you do not stuff yourself.

6. Find A Buddy

a workout buddy will motivate you to not skip a day


Having a buddy is a great motivation when it comes to working out. If you decide to workout with a friend, not only does it make your workouts more fun, but it makes you accountable to someone (giving you less opportunity to skip days). Almost equally fun is going for a run with your pet dog. Dogs have an unlimited amount of energy and an extra hour spent with you will be the highlight of their day (and yours).

7. Make A Promise

 promise yourself that you will not procrastinate your workouts

Make a deal with yourself to not procrastinate when it comes to the morning workout. A lot of people feel that there is a much bigger chance of ending up skipping a workout if they press snooze.

Working out in the morning is an excellent way to get energized for the rest of day. If you are still having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, think about that feeling of accomplishment and the confidence boost you will get when you finish. If that doesn’t work either, think of the warm, delicious breakfast that you will reward yourself with when you have sweated it out!