Tips To Prepare Your Partner For A Baby

The minute you realize you’re pregnant is overwhelming, joyous and extremely memorable for you. But what about your significant other? While your partner might share the joy and excitement, there a million other emotions that cross him/her in that moment. S/he is nervous, overwhelmed, afraid, happy and stressed all at the same time. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in your life physically, mentally, and financially too. Here are some ways to understand what your significant other is going through and help your partner feel involved.

Know Your Partner

Each one has their own way to deal with change and the pressure it brings with it. Pregnancy is a life-altering change and can leave you feeling stressed. Think back to the time you and partner made a major life change and reflect on how your partner coped with the change. Depending on how your partner reacted to change, give him some space or be there for him every step of the way. Sometimes, your partner may feel overwhelmed and may go into a hyper mode trying to organize and fix everything. Don’t freak out or take it as a negative sign, it’s just the way your partner deals with change. Be patient, and will yourself not to force your partner into anything.


Be A Facilitator

Bonding with your baby comes easy to you, given that you carry your baby and your body is producing hormones that develop the mother-child bond. But it requires some amount of effort for your partner to build a bond with the baby. As a matter of fact, how you feel might be replicated by your partner unless he holds the baby is his hands. But you can always try and make him feel involved, keep updating him on how you feel and everytime you feel your baby move or kick. Tell him about how your baby is growing and give him a chance to try and feel what you are feeling.

Be Clear About Your Needs

You will need your partner’s support during and after your pregnancy. Just your partner’s presence might make you feel better or sometimes maybe you need something more. Your partner cannot read your mind, therefore be clear and tell your partner how you feel, what you need, and how he can help. Try and be more specific. Also, this would be the best time for you practice letting go of the small things. It’s okay if your partner doesn’t arrange the kitchen the way you do, just thank him and move on.


Give A Sneak Peek

Most men are not aware of what changes the mother undergoes during pregnancy and how their baby is growing with each minute. Keep your partner interested by showing him a few pregnancy videos that you watch or explain what you’re feeling. Give him a sneak peek into what you learned about parenting, childcare, and pregnancy. Tell him interesting facts and keep him hooked. This helps your partner to be more involved and also educates him on pregnancy and childcare. At the same time, don’t bombard your partner with information. This might be an overkill and sometimes may make your partner feel anxious. Slip in those facts casually during conversations over food or when you’re relaxing and watching TV.

While you mothers have your own mood swings, morning sickness and sleepless nights to deal with during pregnancy, your partners too are going through a tough change of phase. You have nine months to prepare for your childbirth and prepare your husband for the change too. Give him some time and opportunities to grow alongside you in this unexpected journey of change.