7 Tips To Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

Anxiety can be overcome

Sex is one of life’s most enjoyable experiences, but can also put immense pressure to perform. Sexual performance anxiety in men is fairly common, and can at times significantly affect a man’s ability to have and enjoy sex. Often, this is due to a combination of factors such as physical, emotional, and environmental, but this doesn’t mean that the anxiety is impossible to overcome. Finding the root of the anxiety, and then taking steps to figure out your individual needs can be helpful for you as well as your partner. If you feel like your performance anxiety if affecting you, refer to these points and see if something can help you to understand it and overcome it better:

1. Communication

 Communication is key
Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship and is also quite important for a healthy sex life. A lot of men might feel awkward or weird talking about sex, or their inability to perform as well as they want to

with their partner, but this is exactly what builds up more anxiety. An understanding and respectful partner will listen and support you through whatever you say, and opening a line of communication can also help your partner to voice how they feel too. This will help both of you to work together to find solutions.

2. Reducing Pressure

Don't push yourself
Often, the anxiety also stems from the belief that men are solely responsible for a woman’s orgasm, and failing to do this will lead to shame. However, sex is not just physical but also psychological, and this increased pressure could affect the physical response to sex. Moreover, sex isn’t the same great experience every time, and reminding yourself that sex doesn’t always have to be mind blowing can help to reduce pressure. Communicating and improving together with your partner can be a great way to reduce the pressure.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy body and mind

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A healthy lifestyle is the key to optimal sexual performance. Overconsumption of alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs can invariably affect your physical response to sex. Moreover, lack of exercise, poor diet and a stressful lifestyle have a terrible effect on the whole sexual experience. Building your strength and stamina helps with your endurance during sex, and better heart rate and circulation can keep your body in top shape. This makes you healthy and can also build your confidence, which is reflected well when you have sex.

4. New Sexual Avenues

There's more to sex than only sex
Sex doesn’t always have to be penetrative intercourse, and comes with a lot of extra fun things you can try out. Mutual masturbation for example, can make you and your partner feel closer while giving you control of your own orgasm. Giving more time to foreplay can double the pleasure for both you and your partner, and builds

you up to a more powerful orgasm. Dirty talk can also spice up your sex life, and add new dimensions to the sexual experience.

5. Avoid Porn

Porn is unrealistic
Porn tends to either distort your image about yourself, or distorts the image of a sexual experience. You end up feeling inadequate because you don’t feel as endowed as porn stars with size or skill, or you feel like all sex has to be extremely steamy and overflowing with pleasure. Both can lead to anxiety and disappointment towards sex in real life. Put the porn away for a while, and enjoy the ups and downs of actual, real life porn. This can help you to reset and re-energize yourself for what comes.

6. Anxiety Reduction

Reduce general anxiety
There are many techniques that help to reduce anxiety in general, such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, sports, exercise,

cooking etc. Each person has their own way to handle and reduce anxiety, so find what works the best for you and give your mind and body the break they need. When you start feeling better overall, the anxiety also reduces when it comes to sex.

7. Regular Sex

Practice makes perfect
Finally, practice makes perfect. Performance anxiety shouldn’t make you fear sex, and can actually make you go all out to figure out what might help to fight it. Regular sex with your partner helps both of you to see what works and what doesn’t, and find the right rhythm for the both of you to work with. After all, no one needs an excuse for more sex, and this might be a great way for you and your partner to become closer through the process.