Tips To Know Before You Greet A Newborn

It is very heartwarming and exciting to hold a newborn who is trying to unfold his tiny clenched fists. But always bear in mind that healthy respect of boundaries will help the new parents a great deal and put them at ease.

A new mom would be too tired to notice or tell you for the fear of offending you if you are not baby-friendly. It is exciting and joyful when you meet a newborn. Especially, if it is a close friends’ baby you would be doubly excited. Babies are adorable but being a little sensitive before visiting a newborn would let your friend appreciate your goodwill. Consider these few things in mind before you greet a newborn or probably you won’t be invited the next time.


6 Don’ts To Know Before You Greet A Newborn

1. Don’t Visit Unannounced

It’s a good manner to call before you go and meet the newborn. You should never step in unannounced. Both the mother and the newborn are getting into a routine. She might not be looking at her best when you suddenly drop in to visit. This might embarrass the mom very much. You might not be even aware of her struggling with postpartum depression. It takes only a phone call to let them know about your plan. She might be getting to feed her child and needs more privacy. Not everyone is comfortable bearing their chests in front of their best friends.

2. Don’t Visit At The Hospital

We know that it is very exciting to cuddle a newborn and smell their chubby little face. But, going to the hospital as soon as you receive the message about the new arrival is not required. You would never really know what the mom endured or went through. She must be ‘roomed in’ with her baby. Bonding with her baby during the initial hours after delivery is very important. Also, when there are many people swarming the baby, risk of infection is higher. However, asking the new parents if they would need any help would make them feel good. So go ahead and be helpful.


3. Don’t Carry The Baby Unless Approved

It is amazing to see those beautiful big eyes, the fact noted. But it’s also a no-brainer not to disturb a sleeping baby. Babies, especially, newborns need to sleep at least 18 hours a day which helps their development. Also, the parents would have spent a lot of time comforting and get the baby to sleep. You would be in their not-to-be-invited-next-time list if you wake a sleeping baby on your first visit. Don’t shock the baby by holding him unwarned! Ask permission every time if it is alright to carry the baby.

Having your hands washed before you touch the baby would be appreciated. Don’t assume that you are very clean.The human body is a great germ carrier, so before you carry the baby sanitize your hands.


4. Don’t Visit When You Are Unwell

You don’t want the little baby to catch an infection from you, do you? It is very simple to understand that people pass down infection or flu at close quarters. Wait till you get well and go visit the baby. The baby can wait for your visit and be away from infections. It’s a known fact that the newborn has not yet been exposed to any germs or infections. Please don’t go see the baby when you are unwell, this can be unpardonable.

5. Don’t Take Pictures

Taking a picture of the newborn is not in anyway good. Even with the approval of the parents, it is not right to take pictures. Flashes from the camera could put the baby under potential risk. It might hurt their eyes. Be very sensitive of the newborn and refrain from clicking pictures.


6. Don’t Give Unwanted Advice

Unsolicited advice is not good. Don’t give unnecessary advice and join the other voices in her head that might be already annoying. Be there for her, support, and offer help. Let her know that you are there to support any time she needs you. Otherwise, keep your thoughts and advice to yourself.