6 Tips To Have A Perfect Cesarean Birth

Pregnancy, labor, and birth are completely unpredictable. Whether or not you plan on having a cesarean, it’s always good to know the process of C-section and what to expect out of it! Roughly, 1 in every 3 babies is born through C-section in the US.

After many months of careful research on birthing pools, breathing practice, and many other important topics about delivery, if you go through a birth type which you have not considered, it will be a disappointment. But hey, hold your feelings right there, remind yourself that C-section birth is still giving birth! You should celebrate it.

It is all about how satisfying your birthing experience would be and how you should focus only on that.

6 Tips To Have A Perfect Cesarean Birth

1. Relax And Be An Active Participant

The whole pregnancy journey and birth is about you, your body, and your baby. Ask more questions, get involved, and know more about the experience. Only if you get involved and be an active participant, will you have a satisfying birthing experience. Options are not only in vaginal births, it is

also there in cesarean births.

“Births don’t happen between the legs, it’s between the ears.” Your mind is amazingly powerful, if you train it well and prepare for the big day, it will be an incredible experience. Be fully prepared and relaxed both in mind and body – be it vaginal birth or C-section – to have a great birthing experience. Relaxation techniques like incorporating essential oils, music, breathing practices, and meditation could help you out.

2. Involve Your Partner

Getting your partner involved in cesarean birth is as important as getting them involved in vaginal birth. Their presence can boost your confidence. They can calm you down when your nerves are heightened. Also, they can hold your hands while you go through the surgical procedure, in some hospitals, they let the partner cut the cord too.

Make sure that you remind your OB about the partner involvement on your birthing day.

3. Hire A Doula

A doula in your birth plan can be of tremendous help. If you are considering a cesarean birth, also consider a doula. When you feel nervous, anxious, and uncertain in

the labor room, doulas can comfort, distract, and calm you down. Their presence in the OR will give you the confidence boost that you need the most.

If you need the doula along with your partner in the operation room, inform your doctor about the plan. Discuss the importance of having your doulas’ presence and their support in the OR.

4. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby can be extremely difficult after surgery. However, it is very important to breastfeed the baby immediately. But, the medications that have been used on your body for c-section could block the rush of oxytocin – the love hormone – which is not the case in a vaginal birth. So, your doula or the nurse could help you with breastfeeding and make you feel comfortable after birth.

When you plan ahead and inform about the breastfeeding plans to your healthcare provider, they will ensure that your baby is breastfed within 30 minutes after delivery. First half hour after delivery increases the chance of successful ‘latch on’ for breastfeeding. Some hospitals even let you feed right on the operation table. Discuss

in detail about your plans with the doctor.

5. Skin-To-Skin

As long as your surgery is not complicated and the baby is fine, you can ask for skin-to-skin immediately after birth. It is proven that the contact or bonding between the mother and the baby immediately gives a positive effect and benefits both.

Usually, the baby is lifted out and placed on your arms, letting you to bond with your baby. Skin-to-skin contact has proven to regulate the baby’s body temperature, and increase the likelihood of breastfeeding. You can also smell, snuggle, and speak to your little one.

6. Postpartum Recovery

Now that you have finished planning everything else, you need to know clearly about your postpartum recovery as well. Having an extra support/help, or a postpartum doula would mean a lot. After you go through a major abdominal surgery, your body needs rest and time to heal. In addition to your ever demanding newborn, you will have to recover from the surgery fast.

You will have major restrictions after c-section – not allowed to lift heavy things other than your baby, not allowed to climb

stairs, not allowed to drive – you need that extra help!

Get to know tips very well which would help you have a perfect cesarean birth and the best birthing experience.