Scared Of Long Labor? Use These 5 Tips To Get Through It

Long labor is a nightmare for all expectant moms. From physical problems to emotional issues, various factors can lead to long labor. Irrespective of the reason, pregnant women want to avoid long painful hours in a labor room. But, the fact is that the duration of labor is beyond your control.

For a first time mom, labor may extend to 14-20 hours. Yes, it is indeed long. However, the good news is that you are strong enough to overcome it. In fact, what matters more is how well you can manage your labor. You feel more in control if you smartly deal it. Here are some tips to help you get through a long labor.


Know Your Fears

Kill your fears before you enter labor. Your Mommie brain will have a number of unwanted worries that you received from your friends. Take some time to recognize the factors that frighten you. The fear of your baby getting stuck and the fear of tearing is common among women. An emergency c-section is something else that they are scared of. Understand that your doctors are capable enough to handle any emergency. Trust them.

Take a childbirth class so that you will have credible information about labor. Have a chat with your doctor to know about pain relief techniques during labor.


Forget The Time

Take it easy and go with the flow. Easier said than done! But, that is the most effective way.

If you keep counting the hours, it will stress you more. Refrain from setting a time target. Do not ask, ‘How long have I been doing this? Or How much longer will I be doing this? Forget hours, minutes and seconds. Instead, focus on your labor. The more you concentrate, the sooner you see your baby.


Stay Home During Early Labor

Being comfortable is the key when you go through labor. So try to be at home as long as possible. As a first-time mom, it is natural for you to get scared when contractions and pain begins. And you may tend to rush to hospital. But, you are safe until active labor begins. Talk to your healthcare provider about this so that you will have the courage to be at home when pain strikes.

Eat and drink well. You have the freedom to move around freely when you are at home. Spend time watching television or playing computer or listening to music. As you feel more comfortable at your own home, it will be easier to cross the first phase of labor without getting bored.


Move Around

Moving in labor has two merits. It helps you deal with intense and painful contractions. Another benefit is that it gently moves the baby into your pelvis. Be active in labor and do not restrict your movements. The use of interventions may inhibit your ability to walk. But, whenever it is safe and possible, go for it.

Breathing techniques will also come in handy as you fight pain. It will have a relaxing and calming effect. The efficient use of the technique will provide you a sense of well being and it will fill you with energy to stay strong.


Let Others Help You

Agreed that, when you are in pain you are in your worst moods. You may feel that no one is able to understand your pain. It is natural for you to get irritated at others who offer you help. But, even if you don’t want, let them help. You will be surprised to see the way your loved ones could help you cope with the pain.

Having the supportive care of your partner, your family or a doula is the best thing you could ever ask for. A doula can also help you find a comfortable position while in labor. Allow others to give you massages. Getting massages is a natural method of pain relief. Of course, you should seek help from someone who knows the game.


Well, always remember the reward of all these pain. You get to see your little love after nine months of wait! Ask any mom, it is worth the wait. So ladies, hang in there. By the end of long, dreadful labor, you will be holding your baby.