7 Tips To Get Back In Shape After Delivery

Having tough time after delivery? Are you adapting to a new schedule while sleep deprived and trying to focus on many things? Welcome to the world after birth. If you are getting traumatized after looking at yourself in the mirror, it’s time to get back to shape.

Remember not to panic or get stressed to lose weight post-baby. It is possible to get back to shape after delivery. It is only about being smart when it comes to losing the baby weight. Check out the tips to lose weight and get back to pre-pregnancy weight or even better!

7 Tips To Get Back In Shape After Delivery

1. Breastfeed

Of course, it is an individual choice to breastfeed or not. But did you know when you breastfeed your baby you can burn approximately an extra 800 calories/day? It helps in losing weight after delivery. But while you are breastfeeding, your body will need an extra 500 calories/day. It is essential to eat right and nutrient-rich food. Empty-calorie foods or junk foods like chips, soda, sweets, and other sugary food will not help you in

any way. Once you stop breastfeeding, the calorie needs will decrease. So, have a proper meal plan, right amount of exercise to avoid gaining unwanted weight.

2. Go Slow

Going slow on exercises is good for your body which has carried a baby inside for nine months and made you push the baby out through the nether regions. It is not an easy task. Jumping back to your pre-pregnancy exercise routine in a very short time is not good. Go slow and give your body time to recuperate. Your body is in repair mode after delivery, give some time before you start on any intense fitness regime. Start with moderate exercises for ten minutes a day and gradually adding five minutes a week until you master 30 minutes each session. It will help in burning fat by not putting the body under stress.

3. Slow Walk

Once you get the clearance from your doctor, slowly start the routine by going for short walks. Serious, brisk walking is not recommended at least 6 weeks after normal delivery and more if it is C-section. Walking is

a relatively low-impact workout that can really help burn calories. By adding a little fun to the routine, make it a family time activity by going along with family members around your block. You can make short grocery trips by walking instead of one big trip on the weekend.

4. Kegel Exercises And Pelvic Tilts

Kegels and pelvic tilts can be done as early as one or two days right after delivery, depending on what kind of delivery you have. Doctor’s approval is vital. Doing these exercises will increase the blood supply to the perineum and help speed up the recovery process.

5. Exercise At Home

It is not always essential for you to go out to do exercises. Staying at home with your baby and incorporating physical activity into your day to day activities would also help lose weight. Watch exercise DVDs and workout when your little one is napping. Most of these exercises are only 30 minutes or less. Include yoga, pilates, strength training, dance, and cardio for losing those pounds.

6. Get Plenty Of Rest

Lack of sleep and rest can wreak havoc

on your body. It can drain the energy and upset the metabolism. All of this only adds trouble in losing that extra pregnancy weight you have gained. Take a nap while your baby sleeps. Don’t sacrifice your sleep. Taking plenty of rest will give you adequate energy to be focused and energetic.

7. Eat Right

Eating right is very important. You cannot crave for junk foods and get away with it. Follow some rules and make a schedule, plan your diet, and eat right. This thinking wouldn’t help you lose any weight or add any nutritional needs to help your metabolism work. It is totally dependent on the right diet plan.