Working PMS And Menstruation To Your Advantage

I find it interesting to see that almost all of my clients have, at one point or the other, experienced PMS. They dread menstruation and find it difficult to have a normal life during this period. But there are ways to use PMS to your advantage. I’m not saying you should stop working on reducing the symptoms and rebalancing your hormones, but just find a new way to accept it and make it work for you.

I want you to consider the following ideas to help you navigate PMS more easily and even perhaps learn from it:


Get Comfortable With Nesting

As progesterone level rises right before your period, you can feel more compelled to “nest.” When that happens, you might feel that you want to stay in, bake, stay cozy, and go for other homely, comforting duties.

Don’t fight these urges—embrace them as they’re a part of you! When you embrace them, you get to discover a different side of yourself that perhaps you weren’t even aware of, and you tune into what you truly need at that time of the month.


Organize To Save Some Trouble

During PMS, do you ever get suddenly frustrated for not finding your favorite shirt, or because your car keys weren’t where you remembered leaving them?

The hormones that fluctuate during menstruation can lead to OCD-like tendencies, but there are ways to save yourself from the stress! Either take advantage of your need to organize by getting things tidy when you’re PMSing or organize beforehand.


Leave Room For Reflection

Another key hormone being affected during your menstrual cycle is your serotonin levels. This hormone affects your mood. The key here is to tune in. Your emotions mean something—don’t ignore them. Write down your thoughts and feelings (irrational or deserved). This will help you connect to what leads you to feel the way you do, and discover how to make things better next time.

Catch Some ZZzzz

Even though many women lose sleep during their periods, it’s actually the time during the month that we need sleep the most. The less we sleep, the more painful or severe our periods can be. Our energy levels also decrease right before the “shedding” phase of our period.


In short, take some time out to schedule naps during your period, and make sure avoid any social events during menstruation so that you can get the much-needed quality sleep your body needs.

Experience Your Sexual Pleasure

Having your period can amp up your sexual pleasure and increase your desire to have fun in bed. Because your pelvic region has more blood flowing through, sexual desire and intercourse can actually be much more pleasurable for many women during this time.


Feel Powerful With Your Periods

As women, we have been putting up with periods, cramps, and mood swings for a long time. And we still make it through every menstrual cycle. This makes us stronger. Think about how resilient this truly makes you, and your ego will get a much-deserved boost.

That said, being in pain during your periods is not a fatality. As per Chinese medicine, the pain comes from the stagnation of the Qi in the liver and also from inflammation. There is much you can do to reduce or get rid of the pain and tune into the power of your hormones and your female cycle. Support the liver in its detoxification role, stimulate the lymphatic system, and combine methods that reduce inflammation in the body, such as specific nutrition rules, acupuncture, and supplementations (mostly omega 3s, probiotics, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and zinc).