Top 6 Tips To Prevent Premature Skin Aging

Signs of skin-aging

Aging of skin usually begins in the 40’s, but for some, it starts quite early. Since the skin on the face is a lot more delicate, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be noticed more easily on the face. Premature aging of the skin cannot be attributed to just one single reason.

Here’s what you need to prevent premature aging and the signs it brings.


1. Get An Ample Amount Of Sleep

Avoid premature aging: Rest well

It is essential to get your daily dose of sleep to look fresh and healthy as lesser amount of sleep deprives our body of the much-needed rest and does not let the skin relax and rejuvenate. The worst part is that it also causes dark circles and bags under the eyes and makes skin saggy. The skin cells require time to relax and refresh; sleep gives them the necessary break. Lack of sleep leads to tired, dull-looking, prematurely aged skin.1


2. Stop Smoking

Quit smoking and get rid of premature skin aging

Smoking affects the blood vessels, narrowing them, which in turn reduces the flow of nutrient-carrying oxygen to up to 30 percent.2 Smokers can not only appear pale but have uneven skin tone as well. Cigarette smoke affects the elastin that causes skin to wrinkle and sag. Over time, skin around the mouth develops wrinkles. It also depletes collagen in our body, which provides strength and elasticity to our skin.


3. Eat Healthy

Nutritious diet slows down skin aging

It is of utmost importance to eat a healthy, nutritious diet loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Ideally, the diet should contain huge portions of fruits, vegetables and greens that shall help you remain healthy from the inside. Junk food, improper meal timings, lack of necessary vitamins are all major contributors to dull, lifeless skin, which ultimately leads to premature aging. You should also consume lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.3


4. Reduce Sun Exposure

Lesser exposure to the sun prevents skin aging

Sun damage is probably the most well-known factor that has a huge impact on skin aging. Being in the sun may grant you your daily dose of vitamin D, yet over-exposure to harsh sunlight can leave you sunburnt. UV rays from the sun destroy collagen and elastin that help in keeping the skin taut and lack of these proteins cause wrinkling, sagging, tanning, and spots. Keep yourselves safe from the harsh rays of the sun with a proper sunscreen, a hat or even an umbrella.4


5. Relax More

More relaxation: Delayed premature skin aging

Stress is another factor that plays a major role in premature skin aging. Our facial muscles strain when we are upset or stressed out, thus leading to crow’s feet, brow lines and wrinkles with time. Relax and de-stress in order to diminish the age lines on your face. The more relaxed you are, the happier your skin.5


6. Stay Away From Extreme Weather

Extreme temperatures aggravate premature skin aging

Going from one extreme temperature to another aggravates skin problems due to direct exposure to the extremes. Humid climate is considered good for the skin as the skin draws moisture from the air. Dry air on the other hand pulls moisture from the skin, thus making it flaky and dull, as a result of which your skin tends to become very sensitive in cold temperatures. All these inevitably lead to premature aging.6