Clean Eating: Tips To Get Back After A Break

I love to travel, and that usually involves eating out, maybe indulging in deserts, or perhaps enjoying cocktails and wine along the way. I personally do my best to eat clean and healthy on the road, but that’s usually easier said then done.

Here’s the thing. Eating clean and healthy on the road isn’t always easy when you are travelling to small towns with limited healthy choices. Adding to that, when you’re travelling, you want to enjoy yourself, right? Keeping this in mind, it is extremely important to get back on track when you get back home to reality.


What Helps You Reboot Post Travel?

  • No coffee
  • No sugar
  • A diet full of greens, healthy fats, and proteins
  • Adequate rest
  • Exercise
  • Probiotics and other supplements.

Now I’m sure that many of you here have made the decision to take control of your overall health (i.e., diet, body, beauty, etc.). You’re taking steps to remove unhealthy eating patterns and replace them with more nutritious foods.

Clean eating lifestyles give you the benefit of weight loss. But, we now know that it also helps bring out youthful skin and hair, super-charged energy, better immunity, and more. But what is tough to facing the emotional consequences of this decision.


How Do You React To Clean Eating?

Let’s take the example of coffee de-addiction. When you stop drinking coffee, you usually feel withdrawn the first few days. I recently helped a woman who drank six cups of coffee a day with aspartame sweeteners. She felt an emotional rise when she was able to detox off artificial sweeteners, which happen to be toxic to the body.

There is such a thing as an emotional detox when we switch from a highly processed diet to one that is nutritious, vitamin and mineral rich, and full of healthy fats and proteins. This is actually quite common.


How Can You Keep The Emotions In Check?

Once you begin to cut out processed foods, sugars, unhealthy fats, dairy, gluten, etc., your body will begin to release stored toxins. Consequently, this may trigger some unpleasant side effects such as irritability, moodiness, anxiety, and more. Here are a few key steps to help keep those emotions at bay for the first few days (because after that, they’re gone!):

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Dehydration makes you irritable and lethargic. So the more we help our body remove toxins faster, the easier it is to progress on your renewed path of wellness. This begins and ends with proper hydration using pure, filtered water.


I personally drink no less than three liters of water daily, and to support the detoxification, I add the following items to my regime:

  1. Water + a splash of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar – this boosts digestion and helps to support the liver
  2. Water + lemon – this helps in alkalizing and boost vitamin C and metabolism booster among other benefits
  3. Water + lemon + a few pinches of grey sea salt – this isa perfect electrolyte, which is necessary during detoxification


Clearing the old toxins takes a lot of energy and resources from our bodies. So, sleep is essential in supporting detoxification. Getting plenty of rest will help you feel less of those toxic emotions. Always aim for 8 hours of sleep and turn off all devices 1–2 hours before bed.


Create A Healthy Routine

Creating morning and evening routines is an essential step for healthful living. I always start my morning with either a vegan vanilla avocado smoothie or a detox and glow smoothie. Both shakes are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and fiber, which help to flush out toxins that can contribute to the toxicity in the liver and digestive imbalances. The key is to stick to the diet every day in the beginning so that it slowly becomes a daily ritual.

Be Kind To Yourself

For the most part, I now find healthy living fairly easy. But, it didn’t come easy. For me, it took years to develop these healthy patterns. Do I have days when I feel like I’ve gained 20 pounds? Yes. Do I compare myself to the lady next to me in the gym with the most amazing and fit body? Hell ya! The trick is to acknowledge the thought and lifestyle pattern and focus on your goal.


My mantra that I teach other women is “just make the choices that you know will make you feel good.” Doing this, you will pretty soon develop the will to constantly make only healthy choices. Use this as your guiding principle and I can guarantee you that this journey of wellness will be much, MUCH easier.