5 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Vagina Young

As you age, your body undergoes several changes, right from the color of your hair to the way your skin looks. Taking good care of your health is required to at least delay, if not reverse the aging process.

Maintaining a healthy weight, keeping your pelvic floor muscles strong, and good vaginal hygiene can go a long way in changing the way your vagina looks. However, even if your vagina is saggy and looks old, it shouldn’t be the reason for your low confidence in bed. Aging is a natural process, embrace it instead of trying to transform it completely.


Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Vagina Young

It does not require expensive and harmful treatments to change the appearance of your vagina. There are simple everyday practices that can keep your vagina young.

1. Do Kegel Exercises Regularly

Doing kegel exercises can keep your vagina young


Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles around your vagina, urethra, and rectum. As you age and also due to childbirth and weight gain, these pelvic floor muscles can become weak. In addition to tightening your vagina, doing kegel exercises regularly can also improve your sex life. 1

You can work on your muscles almost anywhere, in the comforts of your home or even at work.


2. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can keep your vagina young

Maintaining a healthy weight keeps your body and vagina in good shape. Constant weight gain and weight loss can not only affect your skin’s elasticity but also the appearance of your vagina.


While weight gain stretches the skin, losing a lot of weight can make the labia sag as the skin loses its elasticity.2

3. Use Only Mild Cleansers

USe only mild cleansers to keep your vagina young and healthy


Be gentle on your vagina. Don’t use scented soaps or cleansers to get rid of the vaginal odor, it can do more harm than good. Harsh or scented soaps can disturb the pH balance of your vagina that can lead to an infection. Remember, that your vagina is capable of cleaning itself, it doesn’t require soaps or douching.

You can keep your vagina young by keeping your vagina away from cleansing products. Instead, use warm water or an unscented and gentle cleanser to keep the area clean.


4. Take Control In Bed

Stay on top during sex to have better control

Staying sexually active can keep your vagina healthy. During stimulation, with or without a partner, the blood flow to your vagina increases thus keeping your vagina young. Also, it is a natural way to work your pelvic floor muscles. Indulging in safe sex can keep both your muscles and the blood flow functioning normally.


During sex, ensure that you stay on top or take control of the motion. When you partner is on top, he or she in control of the intensity and depth, which can lead to stretching. Avoid this and take charge by switching positions.

5. Avoid Things That Harm Your Vagina

Avoid tight jeans to let your vagina breathe

Simple things like tight jeans, bicycle rides or sitting at your desk all day can be harmful to your vagina. Riding a bike or wearing tight bottoms can cause numbness and discomfort to your vagina. Your vagina needs to breathe to stay young and healthy. Pay attention to how you sit on your bike and use a support to make the bike seat softer. Friction can cause damage to your labia and stretch it.

Also, don’t sit on your desk chair for long hours and even if you do, practice your kegel exercises for a quick pelvic floor workout.

Note: Trimming or shaving the pubic hair is also a good way to keep it neat and clean. Also, ensure that you don’t scrub your vagina to clean it or get rid of the odor.