6 Simple Tips To Stay Healthy Through The Holidays

Staying Healthy Through The Holidays
Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

The bitter sweet holidays! Such an amazing joyful time of year but it also the one that causes many people to put on that dreaded ‘holiday weight gain’. Rather than watching you stress about the possibility of putting on extra weight and feeling unhappy by January, here are some tips to give you to stay healthy and reduce stress all throughout the season.

Stay Hydrated

Many people confuse dehydration with hunger. Making sure that you are hydrated will keep you from eating when you are not hungry.

  • When you feel hungry, drink a big glass of water and wait for 15 minutes.
  • Eat only if you are hungry despite drinking water. If you are not, then the hunger you felt, was simply a lack of hydration.

Get Plenty Of Rest

The more rest you get, the more energy you will have. Your immune system will be able to function better, and your stress levels will be lower.

Don’t Skip Your Workouts

It’s very easy to tell yourself that you have too much going on and that you will exercise when things slow down, but this is one of the biggest reasons for holiday weight gain compared to over-indulging.

  • If you are really tied up with work, then break up your daily workout into 10 minute intervals, several times throughout the day.
  • Ensure that these intervals include getting out and getting fresh air.

Snack Smart

Carry healthy snacks in your handbag and keep some in your desk drawer at work. When you are unprepared and starving, you often tend to pick the quickest, easiest options around, which are most likely, the worst for you.

  • Bags of nuts and seeds, roasted seaweed snacks, fresh fruits like oranges, bananas, and apples, and seed crackers with individual packets of almond butter are wonderful examples. I  love to keep Chia seeds around that I can add to juice or water. This will help fill me up and give me a good dose of healthy omega 3’s.
  • Avoid refilling the coffee cup throughout the day. Instead, opt for Green tea or Matcha to help keep your energy levels up. You can also add coconut oil and honey in your tea for a great dose of brain boosting nutrients.
  • Set out trays of veggies and hummus, fruit and yogurt dip, nuts roasted with exotic spices, and make healthy mocktails with sparkling water and fresh fruit.

Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals causes low blood sugar which can slow metabolism and cause weight gain, sleeplessness, fatigue, and irritability.

  • Start your day with a good dose of healthy fats and protein for a healthy metabolism and stable blood sugar throughout the day.
  • Try a free range egg omelette filled with veggies and top it with salsa and avocado instead of cheese.
  • Designate a ‘cleanse day’ each week where you have only healthy green smoothies, veggie soups, bone broth and green juices to give your digestive system a break.

Take “You” Time

  • Make sure that you carve time out for yourself to relax and indulge in a nice massage, warm bath, sauna, facial, detoxification treatment, acupuncture session, yoga class, or anything else that calms your mind and body.
  • Be realistic about the fact that the holidays are stressful and you may overindulge occasionally, but make up for it by being extra active and healthy the next day, rather than being hard on yourself for it.
  • Focus on the time spent with family and friends. Remember that the holidays are about the people and not so much the food and gifts. Instead of meeting up with friends for a drink plan, dedicate a ‘craft night’ to make homemade gifts for Christmas.
  • Take the stairs and park further away. This will force you to get in a little more exercise.
  • Partner up with your friends and family and donate your time to a good cause such as helping needy kids or volunteering to feed the hungry.

Happy Holidays from all of us over here on “The Gut Healer” team

May your holidays be healthy and happy!